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Nov 7, 2013
Nov 23, 2008
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Nov 7, 2013
    1. ShannonLouise.
      Your welcome & Thanks alot :)
    2. sarybeagle
      Not long to go :) Which pup did you go for in the end? xxx
    3. corrine3
      Its in a frame in the hall :) He is majorly spoilt but also kept in line ;) haven't really let anyone watch him for us, just dont trust anyone, he has been left a couple of time with parents but thats it, will be really difficult leaving him for the first time over night anyw€here. We're going a family holiday up north this year so the dogs can come!
    4. corrine3
      I'm sure it will :) Glen is good thanks, cheeky as ever! The fact you've got Skye should help u feel more confident. It's been really hard not to be over protective of Glen but I just try myself that whatever will be, will be. He's approaching the age Fletcher was when he died :( so thinking about that a lot just now. You decided on pup and name? x
    5. corrine3
      Not long till puppy day :D
    6. Acacia86
      He is all good! Nuts but lovely! My foot is ok thanks, i still have pain but not as bad now. My little daughter is trying to help daily, bless her! xx
    7. Acacia86
      Thanks for the add. I had to laugh at your comment on my thread!!

      How is Skye doing? xx
    8. Fade to Grey
      Fade to Grey
      love the quote in your signature! :D
    9. Leah84
      i`ll probably just use a training lead, they can get a far distance and amount of exercise on them. i`ve read that beagles can be quite defiant when they feel like it so it`ll be a training lead for her majesty as well when we get her. i`ve been thinking of names but it`s so pointless as i always settle on a name then change it as soon as i meet the pup. i like sugar, molly and brooke
    10. Leah84
      omg that`s horrific, poor bailey and poor you :( now i`m even more scared to let muffin offlead

      she does have spaniel looking ears, that`s what made me think she was
    11. Leah84
      i`m so rubbish at determining breeds lol

      do you mind me asking what happened to bailey?? it`s ok if you don`t want to talk about it. really was a gorgeous dog who i`m sure lived a wonderful life
    12. Leah84
      ps. what breed is skye?? she`s so cute and looks like a spaniel?
    13. Leah84
      hehe no doubt the second i get my baby i`ll be in touch wanting to get rid and crying my eyes out. i`m always the same, takes a while for me to adjust but i`m pretty sure after a few weeks me and the baby will be thick as thieves. can`t describe how excited i am as i`ve always wanted one :D
    14. Leah84
      it`s a game on facebook and i have a friend called ducky

      i`m so sorry to hear about that, looks so gorgeous. i love beagles and would have had one if people didn`t tell me they bay too much :(
    15. Leah84
      you don`t happen to play mousehunt do you??

      also just wanted to say that your beagle is amazingly cute!!!
    16. Rick
      Hi, just cos you are in my friends llist....
      I have set up a site, MASTER debater • Index page ,I would be grateful if you would have a look and contribute.
    17. Kirstyx69
      hi where abouts is your pet shop
    18. k4r4
      thanks just gonna stick some pics on of him from today he has gotten big your dog looks lovely
    19. FriendlyGinger

      She's about 5 months old now. Piccie was only taken Friday.
      She is a little cutie but has some devil in here! She's grown out of the worst stuff but still having lead walking issues! Aww Skye is v sweet.

      How are you?
    20. tillysdream
      Yip! :( Hope it will stop now.
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    Bailey - love you always
    6th Jan 2008 - 22nd July 2009 ​

    "the more time I spend with humans, the more I love my dog"
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