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Nov 7, 2013
Nov 23, 2008
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Nov 7, 2013
    1. corrine3
      How are you?
    2. BeagleOesx
      Hiya, thanks for remembering about him - he's such much the same as he was, he has good days and then days when he really can't be bothered (don't we all tho?) he is much quieter than he used to be and gets tired very easy when he's out & about but he still enjoys going on our walks and playing with Willow although he can get very grumpy when he's had enough or he's tired but we know the signs so we then let him rest. He plods along when out walking but you can guarantee if his nose picks up a scent of something he shouldn't have he will dive for it in typical beagle style. He can have us feeling sorry for him one minute & then the next he's up to monkey business lol.
    3. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Happy new Year :D x
    4. Shrap
      Hey just checked the members map and saw you live round Pollokshaws way :) I'm in Paisley x
    5. Beagle Mafia
      Beagle Mafia
      Beagleuk.freeforums.org • Portal

      beagle forum xxxx
    6. moonviolet
      Thanks for the comment on Tinks horrible pic. Physically she is all healed up. She's doing very well our trainer/behaviourist is impressed with her progress, we have good days and bad days she's easily spooked by any dog that charges up to her on walks. I've learnt an awful lot and become more assertive with any dog that flys up. She's a work in progress, but aren't we all.
    7. babycham2002
      Fingers crossed your parcel should arrive today :)
    8. babycham2002
      Thanks very much :) xxxxxxxxxx
    9. BeagleOesx
      He's got quite a bad heart murmur. Initially he was put on some steroid tablets but they seemed to cause him more discomfort than before so he is now off those and we are just seeing how he goes. We can't go on any long walks with him at the moment as he just can't handle them like he used to do, we still go walking but just gauge how he is doing as to how far we go and just take it steady. Willow still needs her exercise so every evening we go where she can run offlead and Harvey some nights will run with her a couple of times but then it's enough for him and he'll just sit or lay down til time to come home. Our lovable rogue is still there but he just doesn't have the energy levels.
    10. BeagleOesx
      Hiya, Harvey is a little better than he was but vet thinks that he won't get much better than he is at mo. He gets out of breath very easily and doesn't run much but still likes to potter about sniffing when he's offlead. He has good days & bad so we just see how he is feeling & take it from there for his exercise etc. If we get worried about him we have to take him straight back to vets which we would do anyway. He'll be 4 on Friday but at the mo he looks & acts more like he's 14! We just take each day as it comes and treasure him even more (don't tell him we said that tho) Thanks for asking.
    11. Helbo
    12. Beagle Mafia
      Beagle Mafia
      1 beagle = hard work 2 beagle = chaos but loving it :D

      Millie is settling well been here nearly 6 months...time flies. Buster is 2 years and two months again I can't believe how fast it went. I posted a video in dog chat a few days ago with Buster and Millie :)

      Glad you had a lovely time and glad the dogs enjoyed their stay in kennels :D

      I am sure once you've settled the job will be great fun :) I can't remember names of my brownies so I can imagine remembering dogs names is pretty tough :D

    13. GoldenShadow
      Aw thanks very much! Hope you're having a good Monday :) x x
    14. GoldenShadow
      Can I be a bugger :o

      Gone through the forum and found a couple places were my fullname is accidentally quoted because my username was my surname at the time?! Is there any way you'd mind going and unquoting this bit of your post?


      Sorry just a little paranoid :o

      Hope you're having a good week :)
    15. Beagle Mafia
      Beagle Mafia
      I know what you mean hun about the replies. I sometimes think I'm invisible. You need to post a thread claiming to have pubic problems (LOL a typo hun nothing serious ;) ) and then they all want to read what you put :D

      Where you working now hun? Have a fab time in london I love London :)

      How is Skye and Kody?

    16. Beagle Mafia
      Beagle Mafia
      hey hun how are you doing? don't see you around so much is everything OK? xxx
    17. k4r4
      hey not been on in ages i'm still on facebook came off for a while
    18. Bex190
      I've just stuck a few new photos of the red nutters up on my profile.
      I'm having a good look around at the moment, don't recognise a lot of names!
    19. Bex190
      Just been really busy with work/college. There's never enough time!
      The boys are great thanks, I can't believe Otto will be 2 at the end of May though! How are you and your gorgeous pups?
    20. Bex190
      Boo, I'm baaack! x
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