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Jul 19, 2008
Apr 3, 2008
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northwest, uk
animal artist

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PetForums Member, from northwest, uk

drawn-to-animals was last seen:
Jul 19, 2008
    1. Animals548
      I've never met you before!
      Welcome to the forum!!
      Do you have any pets? if so what are there names?
    2. holi87
      hope your well, did you receive my letter?
      I noticed that you haven't been on in a while, i hope everything is ok and i look forward to hearing from you.

      Holi xxx
    3. holi87

      I hope your well, i just thought i would drop you a quick message to see if you have received the details about ollie?
      How are you these days.
      I very sorrry about the delay in sending you the information, we have had a very busy few weeks, one of our family members sadly passed away, and our cat had her litter of 4 kittnes so it has all been a bit manic.
      I ook forward to hearing from you.

      Holi xxx
    4. holi87

      Im so sorry that i has taken me so long to get back to you, we have had a few problems and work has been manic : - ) We have also found out that our cat is pregnant : - ) so thats a first for me lol!
      I have photo copied his chart and i will be sending you all the details by the end of this week at the latest. Im so sorry about this. i look forward to hearing from you .
      Kind regards

      Holi xxx
    5. holi87

      Hope your well?
      I was thinking im having problems getting his pedigree chart scanned, my partner then came up with the idea of doing a copy for you and sending it through the post? what are your thoughts on this??
      Hope your all keeping well?

      holly x
    6. holi87
      hey, im so sorry that i haven't been in contact i have been so busy recently
      I will make sure i get his pedigree etc up asap.
      Hope your well

      holly xxx
    7. holi87
      Hey thank you for your e-mail : - )
      I have been really busy with work at the moment and i haven't had a chance to get on the computer. I will send you a scanned copy of his blood line etc on the weekend.
      How are you any way?
      Also Newton abbott is very close to me, so that would be fine : - ) xxx
    8. holi87
      I hope your having a relaxing bank holiday weekend.
      Sorry i havent been in touch or so long
      Olli is of fantastic temprement, he is a gentle giant! He loves his swimming and running and loves laying with sticks. We have never had any problems with him towards other people or children and he socialises well with other dogs.

      Ollis was bred by Mrs S.M Cole (Lidle Cornish German Shepherd Dogs) in Cornwall.
      Sir is Overglinns Bono, Hip score 7+5 = 12
      he was bred by mrs m forest, stirlingshire, who qualifies for SCH in belgium breeders for soundness and work

      Dam is Lidlecornish Kizzy, Hip score is 6+4 = 10
      Breed assessed by Herr G Bauer KKI
      KC Obedience trained and competingto test A, colouration sable

      I have a lot more information on his grand parents etc i can more than happily send a copy to you : - ) also i have just added some more pctures of olli today.
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    Home Page:
    northwest, uk
    animal artist
    i live with my partner and our 'family' of cats and dogs

    my pets, animals and drawing.


    Theres nothing better than coming home to hugs and kisses.....

    http://drawn-to-animals.webs.com - pet portrait artist
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