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Jan 4, 2013
Feb 26, 2009
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High Wycombe

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PetForums VIP, from High Wycombe

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Jan 4, 2013
    1. katie200
      your welcome hope you and ya pets are well
    2. Eroswoof
      Just saying thank you for the rep! :o xxxx
    3. sharon_gurney
      all doing really well, just thought there might be more as she was huge
    4. sharon_gurney
      Hows your new kitten doing, still just the one?
    5. BSH
      Good luck! I am not holding out much hope. Darwin is looking for his third PC, but his last report, although he got his PC, was not glowing ;) But its a good old dayout to the seaside :)
    6. BSH
      Thanks for the rep! Hope you are well? Off to any shows soon? We are off to the Somerset on Saturday. Taking Darwin & Muffin. Have had to invest in a trolley as Muffin is so huge I can hardly carry her :D
    7. Gratch
      thanks for the rep :)
    8. missye87
      Thanks for the rep. Just having a sneaky peek at your pics, love Cleo she is very special isn't she! x
    9. jill3
      I would have loved to have shown her but the breeder where I got her from near Gatwick was in America and her friend was selling them and she didn't have any papers. I didn't pay much for her i think she just wanted them off her hands. I was prepared to pay the price as I have always had British and no how much they cost.
      She was advertised on the preloved site along with 2 other siblings. One had a very bad eye and because the breeder hadn't taken her to the vets sooner she became blind in that eye. Luckily she was found a good home. I think the breeder is not to be recommended. Chloe has been great within one day of having her she became friends with harley our cream Boy.
    10. jill3
      Just popped in to look at your photos. Cleo is beautiful. She is just like our little Chloe.
      Also love your other cats stanley and his brothers. So cute.
      Do you breed them?
    11. hobbs2004
      Yeah excellent. Now begins the quest to find some complete alternatives, eh? Bummer.
    12. hobbs2004
      Hello hun, a couple of porta 21 chicken pouches are on their way to you. I have also include a Porta kitten pouch, which is nutritionally better balanced than the other stuff but contains some rice, egg and some offal. Maybe you are lucky and your cats will eat that too!
    13. sharon_gurney
      Hope you dont mind me having a look at your photos, your kitties are stunners
    14. hobbs2004
      Thanks for the rep! Any time....
    15. Gratch
      No problem :)
    16. Shelley Cat Lover
      Shelley Cat Lover
      Ooh lucky her! Must be so exciting being a breeder! I couldn't do it, I'd never let any of them go to other homes and the OH would kill me :) I love the blues, and I also have a tiny black tipped who I must post pics of when the laptop gets fixed :)
    17. Shelley Cat Lover
      Shelley Cat Lover
      And Cleo is gorgeous!
    18. Shelley Cat Lover
      Shelley Cat Lover
      Thanks for the rep x
    19. Tje
      thanks for the rep, and you're very welcome :)

      (that Cleo is a looker!! off for a wee look in her album ;))
    20. westie~ma
      Thank you for the rep :)
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