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Sep 13, 2011
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walking a different path Mar 5, 2018

    1. dorrit
      walking a different path
    2. Clare7435
      I know I had to read it twice to believe it, what a dreadful thing to say
    3. Zaros
      Thank you very much for the Rep' Dorrit.

      It's much appreciated.:001_smile:

      And a very Happy and prosperous new year to you.
    4. Summersky
      Your strong feelings came across, so it was clear you had personal experiences of some sort, but you weren't being unkind. You've just found a way to protect yourself a bit. Don't fret.
    5. JANICE199
      Thank you very much for the rep.xx
    6. katie200
      Hi how are you all? Hope you're well.

      Take care.
    7. leashedForLife
      thank U very kindly for the rep. :001_smile:

      Yes, cat-owners whose cats are roaming all over the neighborhood are the first & loudest to cry, "Foul!", if someone tries to make them pick-up their cats' poo, pay for property damaged, or simply confine their 'beloved' pets. :eyeroll:
      A woman in Va Beach with SIX illegally free-roaming felines was a case in point, & a good part of the reason i quit the Hotline; i just couldn't take another call from her & deal with her politely, she would ALWAYS whine about having to drive the injured animal to the rehabber -
      as if they should drop everything & rush over to pick-up the victim, driving round-trip on their own fuel, THEN spend 2 to 3 weeks feeding, changing bandages, & giving antibiotics... all this without asking her to contribute a dam*ed thing, not even her time, or money for meds.
      I never met her - but dear God, how i despised her. :mad5: Thoughtless pig.
    8. bearcub
      Thanks for the rep :D x
    9. lostbear
      You are welcome :)
    10. lorilu
      Don't I know it, LOL.
    11. katie200
      Hi Dorrit.

      How are you and your pets? Hope all is well. :)
    12. lilythepink
      sorry things are not as good as they could be for you just now.
    13. Zaros
      Just dropping by to say thank you for the Rep you awarded me Re:Has The BBC Gone Mad thread.

      Thank you. :001_smile:
    14. Bob the Bouvier
      Bob the Bouvier
      ps, I know what you mean about the appearance of a Bouv...we don't particularly like the ones you see when you look on google images. But Bob is nothing like that and we haven't opted for the standard Bouv cut. We are rebels (without a clue sometimes) ;0)
    15. Bob the Bouvier
      Bob the Bouvier
      Hi Dorrit, thanks for responding re hot, hot, hot.
      He isn't bothered by it at all and is the same as he always is. It's just me being an overly cautious mum.

      I can't see my response re why we chose a Bouvier, sorry if it didn't come through.

      My hubby suffers with allergies so we opted for a hypo allergenic dog. We wanted something of a certain size as my husband was going to be working away so Bob is a companion but also hopefully a deterrent. He would lick anyone to death lol.

      As it turns out my husband is allergic to Bob (d'oh) and the job fell through so he is here full-time. It's funny how things turn out.....thankfully his allergy is getting better, I think his body has just realised that Bob isn't going anywhere so he'd better get used to it.
    16. Bob the Bouvier
      Bob the Bouvier
      Omg how big was he? What a mix!
    17. Bob the Bouvier
      Bob the Bouvier
      Thanks dorrit.
      They are quite rare over here, I don't know of one within about 30 miles of where I live.
      Most people think he is a labradoodle or a giant schnauzer.
      He's our first Bouv, thankfully he's not being too much of a tearaway (yet!).
    18. Bob the Bouvier
      Bob the Bouvier
      Hi, do you have any pics of your Bouv? I would love to see them x
    19. Donut76
      Thankyou for the rep
    20. JANICE199
      Thank you for the rep. xx
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