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Dec 18, 2011
Jan 2, 2011
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Dec 18, 2011
    1. davidc
      Oops, didn't see the message (you posted on your own wall. lol) I'm OK thanks. Think I have got the pic somewhere. Got a computer one I did of Snoopy too. I once spent ages drawing an A4 sized Garfield picture, and carefully painted it, it actually looked like a poster, so I asked my brother to scan it in his scanner. He lost it, I was annoyed. lol How are you today?
    2. Dora
      cool, I am fine thanx. HOw have you been? I used to love Denis the menace and minnie the minx. You'll have to put a pic up of your drawing, if you still have one.
    3. davidc
      How are you?
      Noticed your profile pic the other day was Dennis The Menace, I used to draw him all the time as a kid (and a few times as an adult :o)
    4. davidc
      Thanks for the request. :)
    5. davidc
      I've posted quite a lot myself, only been here since 15th December, and I'm not far off 400 posts. Welcome to the forum Dora.

      Danielle, I also hope you have a better day tomorrow.
    6. Dora
      davidc, hi and thanks for the message. Yup I noticed I've posted alot! can't believe how many I've done already!

      danielled- sorry to hear you've been ill, hope you have a better day tomorrow. (:
    7. danielled
      I'm not so good been ill yesterday tuesday and today but think I am on the mend until the next attack lol.
    8. davidc
      Saw your post in the games board, now you have two visitor messages. :) Noticed you only joined a few days ago, 57 posts already, that's a lot. :)
    9. Dora
      hi danielled, thanks for your message. I am ok thanks. How about you?
    10. danielled
      How are ou today.
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