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Apr 13, 2014
Aug 27, 2011
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Apr 13, 2014
    1. Irish Setter Gal
      Irish Setter Gal
      We can't wait this winter and strap two setters to the sledge .... my son will surely fly with them both LOL and hopefully it'll wear the younger one out. He just cannot settle even after the longest walk with mind taxing training en route. He has to be put away in their sleep area to force some time out snoozing.
    2. Irish Setter Gal
      Irish Setter Gal
      third part

      With all training a setter gets bored very quickly, at most I practise each exercise three times, usually twice only in order to always end on a high note.

      Teach them to use their nose at your bidding:
      Sit them up and drop a good sized treat in the bushes/woods and send them into hunt for it ... my older dog loves this exercise, the younger I haven't taught it yet.

      I have loads of more advice and if you need to, you can always call me on the phone to chat

      Irish Setter Gal
    3. Irish Setter Gal
      Irish Setter Gal
      second part

      3. Liven up the walk with play toys and odd behaviours - just decide to turn the other way and walk off, hide behind a tree

      Retrain the recall:
      It sounds as if the recall isn't switched on too will so this needs to improve and train to the whistle.
      With recall, and two people and a long line attached practise one person holding the dog and the other calling, as the dog runs towards you add four pips on the whistle (audio cue) with arms wide open (visual cue), progress to four pips then calling (with visual cue) then eventually phase out the long line when solid

      third part above
    4. Irish Setter Gal
      Irish Setter Gal
      Hi, welcome to the twin world of setter madness. Mine are 4yrs and just about to turn one, both male. Whilst they are both from show lines the older one picks up and the younger one is in training, and this is the point about setters. They are beautiful family pets but unless mentally challenged will find their own entertainment by switching off from you. Here's some helpful tips which require consistency
      Increase attention:
      1. Start by hand feeding their meals either at meal time or across the day during their walks for two weeks. Do this separately, say nothing (absolutely nothing) and wait for the first 'eye' contact, immediately 'good' (said quietly) and give a small piece of their food and repeat until meal finished. Move the principle into the daily walk
      2. During the walks stop and deliberately practise this exercise with treats/reward

      Second part to follow
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