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Dogs and Walks
May 12, 2013
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Dogs and Walks

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    1. Dogs and Walks
      Dogs and Walks
      We're in Wakefield West Yorkshire and I've just started this month. I'm a one man band at the moment. Like you I was unemployed, now I'm trying to give it a go. Sorry I can't help, but I hope you get a job in the near future.

    2. moggiemum
      hi just seen your intro and was wondering where u were based as i am looking for a job and have dog handling exp. i ve worked in showing kennels ,so not shy when it comes to hard work and unsoicable hours, only problem i dont drive so finding a job in this field is hard. hope u get all the advice and help u need on here , as i remember some good threads in the work ads in general i think.
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