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Dec 8, 2013
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PetForums VIP, from Cambridgeshire

    1. Hanwombat
      Bigby is knackered now lol! Do they still hire it if its dark? I mean I wouldn't mind as could bring torches :) haha
    2. Hanwombat
      Aw thats great! :D We met a 14 month old entire doberman earlier on our walk. Bigby and him played lovely throughout the whole walk :) Io just did her own thing and trotted along :D was really good for him.
    3. Hanwombat
      We did thank you :) Bigby was pretty good, he had the odd barking fit at dogs in the distance but overall a good boy :) Io was good but she usually is nowadays :)
    4. Hanwombat
      Ah thank you, thats not too bad :) hope it all goes well - we're back from my parents now :)
    5. Hanwombat
      Ive just replied on day by day thread, glad he was okay under the GA :) hope the results come back good too. Bless him :)
    6. Hanwombat
      Yeah thats handy :) Its like 30 miles from me haha.
    7. Hanwombat
      Nope, says its free entry - only costs if you want to do something like the agility tasters etc. I was thinking the same with Bigby.
    8. Hanwombat
      I may go yes :) - annoyingly Jake goes away that day for a week for work to Newcastle so if I did I would only bring one dog, most likely Bigby as Io will be pulling me all over the place lol.
    9. Hanwombat
      Just seen that wood green have a doggy day out day on Sunday 1st November :)
    10. Hanwombat
      Thanks - I feel a bit better today. Bigby was suppose to be going to a groomers tomorrow for a bath and blowdry but I can't afford it now :( so he'll have to wait a few weeks :)
    11. Hanwombat
      Hopefully :) He has his good and bad days but lately more good :) I was going to, but I don't feel too good, think I ate some dodgey salmon last night :( so will go next week instead :)
    12. Hanwombat
      Yes I saw your comment on the day by day thread - good boy Cash :) Had a fairly okay walk this evening in the dark.. until we were heading back to the car, this fisherman came out of nowhere and set Bigby off! Ah well, when we started the walk he saw two pointers in the distance and did bark / react :)
    13. Hanwombat
      Haha good idea! How much is it to hire ? :) I had a good weekend thanks, some lovely walks and Bigby hardly reacted!! I might take him to ringcraft tomorrow night :)
    14. Hanwombat
      Bigby also starts lessons on the 24th :) It was suppose to be 17th but Im at my parents. We're slowly getting there with him, but you have to capture things with him, I haven't even taught him down yet as he just doesn't get it if I try to draw his nose to the floor lol. I taught him to use the scratchboard though for his nails :)
    15. Hanwombat
      OK cool yes lemme know what they say :) Aww yay Missy returns :D I know naughty Bigby! I only crate him whilst I am at work because that why they get frozen kongs as I wouldn't trust them unsupervised and I can't cordone them off :S otherwise if we go out, he is left out the crate as they don't get kongs. The pet sitter luckily picked all his destroyed bed up for me :)
    16. Hanwombat
      Broom is about 40 miles from me - not too bad and I'd perhaps rather a field hire in the winter as weekends will be packed and it'll be dark in the evenings :) Have fun on the 17th! Im off to my parents that weekend! I bought Bigby a new bed last night and this morning I've gone to work, checked the webcam I have set up and hes destroyed it! Thats the third bed now! GAHHHHHHH lol
    17. Hanwombat
      Haha! Bigby is exactly the same!! Wants to get there as soon as possible! He is so impatient! If I say stop on a walk to pick up a poo or something, he will start to cry as hes annoyed we've stopped! Where do you hire your field? Could do a field hire sometime ? :)
    18. Hanwombat
      I completel agree haha :D I need a guinea pig dog :P Not that cash is a guinea pig!! Though they're cute and so is cash haha!
    19. Hanwombat
      Yeah I think he'd be alright at ringcraft as the dogs are in close proximity :) I don't think at the moment Bigby would ignore off lead dogs in the park if he was offlead - hes probably run over, all legs and jump all over them.. well I say jump, hes quite a gentleman really and bloody fast!!
    20. Hanwombat
      , he loved it, was nice as he ignored a few cyclists but i kept checking for any dogs as not so sure he would ignore them! I wont be starting classes with him until the 24th but may take him to a ringcraft.
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