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Dec 8, 2013
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PetForums VIP, from Cambridgeshire

    1. Hanwombat
      I might go, pending on weather, if not there is the wood green one on the Sunday :) also seen another show end of November once near Spalding :)
    2. Hanwombat
      Thats nice that the stewards helped you :) I'd also feel stupid as quite a lot of people with their smooths would prob know of Bigby and I and don't want to look like a moron. I don't think it is - its just a fun show which I thought would be good practice for Bigby :)
    3. Hanwombat
      Thanks - I had a look earlier - I wouldn't have a clue what I am doing with regards to enterin what class etc.. I think I'll be screwed at crufts lol! There is a dog show at huntingdon racecourse this weekend so I may take him there :)
    4. Hanwombat
      Oooh cool - I'll have to have a Google. Thanks :)
    5. Hanwombat
      What and where is lka? Lol maybe I should enter Bigby
    6. Hanwombat
      Gah you have to register by January as well, I'll have to think and speak with Bigbys breeder. The schedule says you can't leave until 4? Hmm I really don't know :/
      Io slipped and fell I'm the river this evening lol, she was fine, just soaked
    7. Hanwombat
      I really don't know.. I suppose his breeder would love me to go but its going to be such a long day and he is going to HATE having to stand around! Plus if my class is in the morning and you can't leave until at least 4pm.. Im not going to be happy! I'd rather go shopping than showing lol
    8. Hanwombat
      Poor dog, I really did feel sorry for the spaniel :( I mean Bigby was barking his head off and I spent most of the time ignoring him / not giving him the attention he wanted, I didn't yell at him! Bigby couldn't run to his full potential as the belgian shep infront was quite slow, he does move nice when he gets going.
    9. Hanwombat
      Yeah I'd say the dog was orange and white.. she shouts really loud 'NO DAISY!' Jesus poor dog!
    10. Hanwombat
      Yes.. I think the dog was called Daisy. It was a show cocker.. I'm not great with colours of cockers, but a lot of white.
    11. Hanwombat
      Yeah Im not quite sure what the dog was doing wrong as I wasn't paying much attention but she kept yelling at it.. quite loudly too! Its sad when some take it so seriously! Its all a bit of fun to me.
    12. Hanwombat
      Oh really! I wish there was about 3 there last night haha. There was a beagle, english bull terrier, golden retriever, belgian shepherd, samoyed, some terrier lol and quite a few spaniels. One woman kept yelling at her dog when he didn't walk right :S
    13. Hanwombat
      I probably did rubbish lol! Trying to get him to stand etc. He had a few comments, one lady didn't know what he was. Erm there was about 10 other dogs
    14. Hanwombat
      He did alright bless him, barked a lot! But he hates waiting around. He was moulting lots so a bit anxious. Did some nice stands towards the end :) will prob go again next week.
    15. Hanwombat
      Phew - thanks for the reassurance. I'm really not a showing person haha :') Need to get Io doing some sort of classes too, though they have a fun agility on a Monday night which I may take her to occasionally :) I'll let you know how it goes :) and we'll have to see about doing that field hire sometime soon.
    16. Hanwombat
      Im a little worried as he knows sit.. so Im worried he will sit instead of stand, I haven't got round to teaching him stand yet but I think I may have to tonight :P Yeah it would be good to update them - Im on their facebook page :)
    17. Hanwombat
      Oh god I hate running infront of people haha - hopefully it'll all go okay - Have to do it as some point I guess :P People might just wonder why I've left it until hes 10 months old lol. Thanks for the info :)
    18. Hanwombat
      Do you have to do stuff infront of everyone else etc? Or do you just kinda do your own thing, but obviously following instruction? I'll probably make a fool of myself haha. Oooh I'll look out for a welsh springer :P
    19. Hanwombat
      Oh thats good as the field hire I've been to in market deeping won't allow me to go after dark - annoying :( But i'd be up for the field hire in the dark at your place :) yes I am going to go tonight - just to see what its like, then I'll probably go once a month or something - just so I can see what I need to do haha.
    20. Hanwombat
      When might you next go to Ringcraft ?:)
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