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Dec 8, 2013
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PetForums VIP, from Cambridgeshire

    1. Hanwombat
      I added you instead :)
    2. Hanwombat
      Haha have you ? Yes try and add me :)
    3. Hanwombat
      True :) We could still meet up but perhaps on lead? I may just bring Bigby if that happened, unless my OH came, but Io pulls like a trooper whereas Bigby doesnt :) I'd still happily rent Sians field though when it comes available :) Hovs came second? Well done Hovs :D Smooths came 6th :) Yeah smooths seems to be able to do most things, though would be wierd seeing one doing something like IPO :)
    4. Hanwombat
      Wah thats annoying :( Unless we leave it until after Christmas :S Its so annoying with these dark evenings and weekends are just so busy :( I think quite a few smooths do agility and obedience. I know at last years crufts the smooths managed to get into the top 10 obreedience group that they had on - can't remember where they came though :) I think he would be quite good, he is very food motivated.
    5. Hanwombat
      cont* I just don't know if I see it happening to be honest as I just get this feeling he won't want to do anything as he is quite hard to teach. I think my next dog I might get a eng shep to actually do agility with. I find it most fun and Io would be perfect but she sniffs to much :(
    6. Hanwombat
      Yeah, I mean I have until January to decide. I think it will be an amazing opportunity but I'd much rather just go and shop than have the stress. I never bought Bigby to show, Im not even a showing sort of person, but I don't know, it seems to suit him more? I ideally wanted to do agility with him buI think he'd be good at obedience though, eventually.
    7. Hanwombat
      I'm really umming and erring about Crufts. I know his breeder would love him to go but its going to be such a long day and hotels are looking expensive / Io will have to go into boarding and Bigby might play up / whin alot... rawr really don't know!
    8. Hanwombat
      I'm hoping Bigby won't need much exercise before hand as he is such a couch potato!
    9. Hanwombat
      Bigby hates standing around, this is why I worry for Crufts as can imagine him being really gobby! I may just do the Junior and AV Puppy and then not bother with the Puppy stakes, esp if he is getting too tired / won't settle. Poor Io will have to stay at home, might get the pet sitter to pop over.
    10. Hanwombat
      I'll see if I can add you :) Well.. I only wanted to enter him in Junior, but his breeder entered him in bloody 3 lol! The AV Puppy is about 16 classes after Junior.. but the AV Puppy Stakes is like 100 classes after!! So I may give up on that one to be honest.
    11. Hanwombat
      Thanks :) He is entered in Junior, AV Puppy and AV Puppy Stakes :O I also seen a open show at Wood Green end of Jan that I'll prob enter :) Oh really? Add me haha... though I mostly most photos of my dogs! Facebook isn't too bad, I am on a lot of dog / smooth collie pages :) I know what you mean though about sharing :)
    12. Hanwombat
      Brill! Thanks for emailing Sian :)
      Bigbys breeder has entered us in the HCS on the 21st November :O
    13. Hanwombat
      Yeah, I forgot about DD - thats a good idea :)
    14. Hanwombat
      I don't really know many quiet places for like weekends :S Peterborough walks that I know of are pretty busy at weekends so I'm not really sure :S unless we did a field hire somewhere during the day ? I wish someone else would show Bigby at crufts lol but his breeder will be showing his brother in the same class.
    15. Hanwombat
      Oh god yeah will be a while before I do any champ shows.. but then Crufts isn't far and you have to enter by beginning of Jan :O The think the one on the 30th at WG is with the Luton Canine Association or something. Im on a smooth collie show FB page and Bigbys breeder posts about show information all over the country which is handy.
    16. Hanwombat
      Its at Keysoe equestian centre over in Bedford :) Thats good, I'd probably go to a load of Wood Green ones. There is one at wood green this year but its on the 30th December and Im away that day :( So I think I'll just do the HCS one at the college on 21st November :)
    17. Hanwombat
      I think LKA would just be too big a first show for me :O So his breeder is entering him into the Huntingdonshire open show on the 21st Nov for me as she hasn't transferred him over to me yet ( I was paying him off monthly ) he pays off now but the entries have to be in by 2nd. Hope you had a nice time away.
    18. Hanwombat
      Bigby was standing a lot nicer at ringcraft tonight. Unsure whether to enter him in the Huntingdonshire canine society show on 21st Nov :/
    19. Hanwombat
      Yeah it should be as their indoor arena is massive, remember when I took Io puppy training there :) I think I may just go to Wood Green, though I'll be on my own as the OH goes away that day for a whole week with work training and then perhaps the other one in Spalding at the end of November, to help me get in the swing of things :)
    20. Hanwombat
      No it really doesn't :( Stupid weather! Saturday looks rubbish at the moment and the show at the weekend is outdoors so may not go Sunday as imagine the ground will be soaked! May just go to the one at WG as I imagine it'll be inside and then perhaps go to the one at the end of November as only 20 miles up the road. Depending on weather though.
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