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Dec 8, 2013
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PetForums VIP, from Cambridgeshire

    1. Hanwombat
      Sorry another message.. can I be a real pain and postpone our walk until Saturday 5th December or whenever you can ? REALLY REALLY SORRY :( I've just seen my bank account and I actually feel physically sick at what I've spent on Christmas presents, pet sitter, petrol to work etc and I need to spend as little as possible for rest of month. May have to cancel the workshop on Sunday too now :( Im so sorry!
    2. Hanwombat
      I'm wondering whether to try Bigby at a different Ringcraft. I mean I like the one I've been going to, but I find the hall very small and cramp and can never run Bigby to his full potential. There is another one over at Oundle, which looks much bigger, but its 16 miles away as opposed to just 8 miles currently.
    3. Hanwombat
      I agree consultations are so much more expensive nowadays! I hope they go on their own soon :) Thanks, hopefully it'll be fun, Io doesn't pull all the time but will be interesting to see what he says. Bigby doesn't pull at all which is nice.. well unless he is being reactive.
    4. Hanwombat
      Oh bless him! Why do they get them? Never had a dog with cysts before. I think a 1:1 with Sian is about 60 pounds but I just can't afford it currently. The workshop with Io next week is 20 quid for a 90 minute lesson so hoping its good and worth while :) Thanks, I hope he behaves at Ringcraft.
    5. Hanwombat
      I so wish I could go to the sociability classes with Bigby but I just can't afford 60 pounds ( or whatever is was ) for an assessment yet :/ I am hoping to do some of Sians workshop classes next year :) I also like the sound of her doggy parlour classes as its balance work etc, which Io would love, but again I can't afford 90 pounds currently.
    6. Hanwombat
      Aw where are his cysts? Are they big? Poor boy! If you do go though good luck :) I think I'll probably go to Ringcraft tomorrow, I am still thinking Bigby won't want to stand at the show on the 21st lol.. he'll probably show me up and sit haha.
    7. Hanwombat
      Sorry I meant, good boy Cash haha :D
    8. Hanwombat
      Thats good - good boy Bigby :) He had a play with a spaniel today but a poor recall away from him, so will be good to practice when we see you and Cash :) Have fun at social class next week :) I have a LLW workshop with Io on the Sunday. What show is it? I am still bricking it for the 21st :o I did wonder about a collar with him, but I shall see.
    9. Hanwombat
      Super to hear Cash did well with the hunts and JRT :D Hopefully you might see a difference soon, my adaptil has ran out here and I've noticed Bigby is staring at Io again, not as much, so goes to show its been working, I've got another on order though :) Were good thanks, Bigby has been a bit reactive this week, so a tad annoying but I guess we have out good and bad weeks :)
    10. Hanwombat
      Hello :) How is the new calm stuff coming along? Noticed any difference yet ?
    11. Hanwombat
      I hope it goes OK :( If I didn't bring Jake I'd have no one else either and I don't think I could do it on my own.. especially the first few shows!
    12. Hanwombat
      Aw thats lovely :) How nice of them. Jake is coming with me for moral support I am so scared :( I'm worried Bigby won't stand right and will play up and people will wonder why on earth I am here? Bigbys breeder is sending me a spare white show lead and white half check collar to show him in :)
    13. Hanwombat
      Where do the stewards stand? What is there actual job on the show days ? :) That was nice of them too :)
    14. Hanwombat
      Good to hear. I hope all the stewards are nice and friendly. I could be the only one in the smooth class possibly as its Junior. I think I may just do the Junior for the breed and the A.V. Puppy. I think I may leave the A.V. Puppy Stakes as its ages after that.
    15. Hanwombat
      20th it is then - I shall pencil it into my diary. Would you like to meet mid morning or something ? :) If my OH comes with me, then we'll bring Io too. Haha I am bricking it already. I hope he behaves and I don't make us look like fools :(
    16. Hanwombat
      Cool. I can't do this weekend as I am busy Saturday and off to Duxford on Sunday :) So could do Friday 20th, (SHOW DAY on 21st GAH!) Sunday 22nd, Monday 23rd or the weekend after ? :)
    17. Hanwombat
      I'm not sure haha, I mean could do grafham, suppose it would be very good practice as he will probably react on lead lol. I am free next Saturday, as next Sunday I have a workshop with Io. Or the following Sunday as I have that show on the Sat.
    18. Hanwombat
      I'd happily be up for something like that :) Would be good to do some distraction training with Bigby - so whenever you're free, though would have to be a weekend for me... although saying that.. I am off work on the 20th and 23rd of this month :)
    19. Hanwombat
      Aw thats great news :) I don't really meet any dogs on weekdays now as I work in complete darkness in the evenings. I'm missing ringcraft tonight as Jake is away all week so I haven't got the time to go as got other bits to do.
    20. Hanwombat
      No I didn't - I wanted to go for their fun dog show but it was silly classes such as 'waggiest tail' and 'fastest sausage eater' so I gave it a miss :)
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