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Dec 8, 2013
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PetForums VIP, from Cambridgeshire

    1. danielled
      I was thinking of the aquarium more for Jorja as she loves fish. Oh and no I'm not spoilt. Just because something doesn't interest me that is no reason to shoot people.
      1. Dogloverlou
        Well constantly finding fault in something doesn't help. Just enjoy the fact you're away, regardless of what you're doing. I'm sure you can insist on staying behind if something isn't to your fancy.
        Jun 5, 2017
      2. danielled
        Whatever. Let me ask would you lke it if somebody treated you like that just because something doesn't interst you? No, then don't do it to other people please.
        Jun 5, 2017
    2. leashedForLife
      thanks, DLL -
      obviously, there's no point posting if no-one comprehends it, & i doubt PF-niks would contact me by PM to query abt their own dogs, if i was truly incomprehensible. ;-D
      this passive-aggro stuff has gone on for quite some time, & i'm really tired of it. If certain members can't stand my yammering, shut it off! - easy.
      1. Dogloverlou likes this.
    3. Hanwombat
      The joys of large dogs hehe! Cheeky Cash! I don't think Bigby has ever had a bath, so it will be interesting to say the least :O Im getting his nails down as well as I give them all a go over with a emery board each night :)
    4. Hanwombat
      Thats good :) I'd worry I'd loose him haha. I am going to bath him on Friday, he wouldn't bath before a show usually but he really needs one as he is a smelly dirty boy!
    5. Hanwombat
      Thanks :) Well we'll probably leave about 9:30, get there for about 10:15 and would be nice if could be home for just after 12 :) I will probably walk him in his harness and put his show lead on just when he is going to go in :)
    6. Hanwombat
      Thats a good idea - thanks :) I will probably just wear jeans and a jumper or something like that :) Bricking it now haha - I just know he won't stand like all the other dogs etc but I suppose its all fun :) Hoping I'll only be there for less than 2 hours as don't want Io on her own for ages.
    7. Hanwombat
      Also, what do you wear to an open show ?
    8. Hanwombat
      He barks in the car though annoyingly if he sits around, well the classes infront of me on import reg, aus shepherd and rough collie, so they will probably go quite quick, I will probably get there for around 10:15 perhaps ? There are 8 aus shep entries it would seem and 5 rough, so yeah between 10:15 and 10:30 perhaps.. I think we are just gonna do the one class
    9. Hanwombat
      Morning :) Just a quick question - when do you usually arrive at shows? The one on Saturday, judging starts at 10am and Bigby is the 4th breed judging in Ring 1.. I obviously don't want to be late, but I don't want to be tooo early as he will probably get impatient and fiddly.
    10. Hanwombat
      Omg really :O I am going to play episode 4 now :D Ermm, not sure about tiny pieces, I find the bag can vary but some aren't too bad a size :) Hope today has gone well for you both. We all had a nice walk today in a nature reserve, well we got lost haha so were there for ages - Io especially wasn't fussed :)
    11. Hanwombat
      Glad sociability class went well :) good luck at the show tomorrow :) less than a week now until mine :o I finished episode 3 earlier, OMG Chloe is now in a wheel chair :I haha obviously you know what happens :P
      They both had a beef scalp earlier, huge things, took Bigby an hour to eat his.
    12. Hanwombat
      Ive finally started replaying Life is Strange today again too haha.
    13. Hanwombat
      Oh don't worry, your lead set is really useful thanks and I still use it for Ringcraft :) The ringclip is really nice, it was very nice of them :) How is your weekend going so far? I jut been to the local pet shop and get a load of Nutriment, lamb ribs and natural treats - nom! Io kept trying to steal the Christmas toys lol
    14. Hanwombat
      There are only 4 smooths entered as well, Bigby could be the only Junior possibly. I think I'll see how quickly they move and if its not too bad, I'll do the AV Puppy Stakes as well, but also depends on how Bigby is doing. I got a show collar / lead through the post yesterday from his breeder, as well as a lovely smooth collie ring clip / brooch :)
    15. Hanwombat
      Ive just seen the proposed order of judging for the show next weekend.. smooths are on quite early in Ring 1.. but then AV Pastoral is in ring 11 ? and AV Puppy stakes back in Ring 1.. I thought they would have kept all pastorals etc in the same ring :S I may only end up doing Junior smooth with him.
    16. Hanwombat
      Aw bless him :) I know we clearly have so much to say :P hehe
    17. Hanwombat
      I know! It annoys me when I haven't a clue what the trigger is.. they're fine now though :) Poor Cash! Not good having a dog right up in his face! I hope his cyst removal goes okay :) ... it would appear we talk to each other too much :P
    18. Hanwombat
      Bigby and Io decided to have a scrap for no reason tonight.. dogs aye!? Managed over a month without one, they were both sniffing a bed sheet and next thing you know... FIGHT!! Bigby backed off at some point and Io cowbag jumped on him so I hit her in the face with my coat as didn't want to get my hands in there lol. Luckily, as always, no harm done, just wet necks. Bigby is a bit on edge tonight now though.. argh!
    19. Hanwombat
      The two occasions I've been there they have all ran together and there has been about 12 dogs or so :o
      I emailed Oundle & District Dog Society and may decide to take Bigby there instead, as I say its further away but has a lot more space. I would probably only go once... or maybe twice a month. I've taught him 'back up' and now that is all he does haha, its like when I taught him to give paw.
    20. Hanwombat
      Its been really busy the past two times I've been there and when you go to run them altogether I have to keep holding Bigby back, so I may do the 32 mile journey and try the one over near Oundle.
      Really sorry - As I say, I could do the 5th or 6th December or whatever is best for you? I hadn't realised how much I'd spent already on Christmas so beans for rest of the month possibly :(
      Hurray for cashs hip scores :D
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