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Sep 4, 2016
Feb 26, 2010
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PetForums VIP, from Hereford

Dogless was last seen:
Sep 4, 2016
    1. danielled
      Mum is on the phone to the hospital and think they are deaf because she keeps getting put through to appointments.
    2. danielled
      Doctor did say I need to be seen immediately.
    3. danielled
      They told mum if we haven't heard from them this afternoon then phone my doctors to chase it up.
    4. danielled
      Well thiscrash isn't eczema. It isn't getting better it s getting worse. Went o th doctors again on monday, she phoned dermatology on tuesday and tod them I need to be seen immediately and they said they would phone mum to arrange an appointment but they haven't yet.
    5. danielled
      They think it is a bad flare up of eczema. They gave me cream and antibiotics as the really bad patch of it on my back is infected as well as angry. Though not sure how it got infected because I haven't scratched it because I know doing that can make the itch worse. Doctor thinks I may have done it when I was asleep so obviously would not be aware or I'd stop. Wasn't itchy constantly earlier but now it is driving me mad. Locum asked my doctor to take a look.
    6. danielled
      I've been to the doctors tonight about a rash I'm covered in.
    7. DogLover1981
    8. ouesi
      Thank you for the rep :)
      Been thinking about you as I try to nurse my back to health enough to be running again :(
    9. danielled
      I fell in love with these 4 timid guinea pigs.
    10. danielled
      The guinea pigs had no names til I named them Rhubarb, Fluffy, Whisper and Woolly.
    11. danielled
      I'm goid. I started volunteering at animals in distress today. Helped with the guinea pigs and Rabbits.
    12. danielled
      Hows you and the boys.
    13. cinnamontoast
      Ooh, thank you for the rep and right back at you, girl, you're amazing and a survivor and all round bloody brilliant!! XX
    14. Pupcakes
      Thank for the rep you gave me waaaaaaaay back! Only just seen it! xxx
    15. moonviolet
      Thanks for the rep :)
    16. danielled
      He's at it again. He keeps pulling his bed out of bis crate.
    17. JenKyzer
      Ah how nice! We're still u-turning and avoiding here :o I feel sorry for Kyzer as my initial reaction is to avoid or put him to the side in a sit to distract him :o Then i think why did i do that?! As he can easily walk by or even have a good play with another dog if the other owners are happy with it too. x
    18. JenKyzer
      That's amazing, certainly a credit to you :D
    19. JenKyzer
      Ah thankyou :) We are really happy thanks - Willows got some weight to shift :o so i'm hoping the big fields and water for swimming will help her more than our old pavement walks! I remember seeing a thread recently of your mini milestone and i am over the moon for you :D I hope your hard work continues to pay off G :) xx
    20. JenKyzer
      Thanks for the little rep G :) Just seen it, sorry! Hope you and the boys are well! xx
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