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Sep 4, 2016
Feb 26, 2010
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PetForums VIP, from Hereford

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Sep 4, 2016
    1. babycham2002
      You are ;) You always make lovely comments on my pictures :)
    2. babycham2002
      Have been reading your thread in health. Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you. You seem like such a wonderful person and I know one day will be the time when you find the strengh to talk. I have just returned to my work after almost 3 months off. I feel like a new person. Or well at least almost my old person again.
    3. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Dont worry about it :) I was reading some stuff last night on the net about harnesses & dog's necks & not sure if it will be ok for him anyway going to check with the vet 1st, he may be better with one that has clips for the lead on both sides so no strain near his neck, thanks anyway x
    4. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Thanks, I spent ages looking for our's to :lol: plenty of metal one's DOH! x
    5. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Ah see I did'nt think of water repellent one good job you mentioned it, if he can go back to hydro he'l need one, but will wait & see for that x
    6. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      I thought he would'nt be far off Banjo's size just not sure if he's a deep chested Is the girth bit lined to?
    7. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Just out of interest I know he's younger than Banjo but what is his girth measurement? I dont understand why they need a back measure ment to :confused: Banjo's girth is 78cm & his back is 71cm so dont know if the harness will fit him :cryin:
    8. babycham2002
      Sorry to hear about your arm, my mum got a nasty bruise from breaking up Willow and Rockys rough play on Friday. Willow does have good bite inhibition but mum bruises easily and you know how strong their jaws are :(
    9. babycham2002
      Thank you :)
    10. babycham2002
      May I ask, did you pay for the ttouch course on the day or in advance?
    11. dobermummy
      thank you, none of them are that small any more, they grow so fast and its easy to forget how small they were.
    12. dobermummy
      Kilo is gorgeous, and i love his colour :001_wub::001_wub:
    13. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Ive found some pics in a thread you did :thumbup:
    14. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: better than digging up god knows what :rolleyes: & getting coverd in :arf: :lol:
    15. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      These two are fast asleep buts thats down to them just haveing there tea thank god they did there going bonkers this morning :lol:
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