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May 16, 2011
Mar 15, 2009
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Part Time Office Manager - Radon Centres Ltd

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PetForums Member, from Northampton

doggiesgalore was last seen:
May 16, 2011
    1. Pets2luv.webs.com
      I love your cav pics they really are great looking dogs.
    2. kaisa624
      I love your big canine family :) Am hoping to get another cavvie at the end of this year, so Holly isn't alone.
    3. westie~ma
    4. Classyellie
      All your dogs are just sooo gorgeous :) :) x
    5. doggiesgalore
      Thanks mollyismyworld. Jemima thinks she's a honorary cavvie. She thinks she's top dog, next to me of course lol. If all goes well, I'm hoping to have a litter from her later this year. Then, hopefully, we're keep one so she's not the only westie in the family. Molly looks like she's having a splendid time in the pics, bless her.
    6. doggiesgalore
      Thanks westie~ma. Monty's photo is lovely too. He looks a very handsome boy. How old is he?
    7. mollyismyworld
      Awww...little Jemima with all the spaniels!!! xx
    8. westie~ma
      Lovely photo ........ spot the westie lol
    9. missyc
      aww cute profile pic! :) love the doggie family!
    10. DevilDogz
      i love your profile pictures its fantastic amazing looking dogs to :)
    11. happydog
      Hi sorry, she had 6 healthy puppies they are now 8 weeks old so i am sooooooo busy with them, thanks for asking, its amazing isnt it what dogs can do? bless.......
    12. doggiesgalore
      Hi DKDREAM, Thank you very much. Yes, she is beautiful in colour and natural. I did think she was classed as a tortie myself. But wasn't 100% sure. Is that Meeko on your avatar? She look a beautiful girl too. hugs and kisses are being sent her way.
    13. DKDREAM
      tae is beautiful - i think he colour is called Blue tortie with white. Thats what Meeko is classed as anyway its a lovley colour.
    14. Emma+Lacey
      Hi, she is 16 weeks old now and we all love her to pieces, she has brought so much to our family. When she gets older we are going to get her a little friend as she loves seeing other cavs on her walks (she likes all dogs but gets really excited seeing other cavs, wonder if they remind her of her mummy?)
      Your dogs all look gorgeous, and i hope one day when all my childen grow we can have as many as you :D
    15. PARIS&TROY
      Wow 7 dogs and so may CKC's! You very lucky, a little bit mad maybe, but very lucky!
      Sorry I do know, well I should do I had one for 17years!:thumbup:
    16. -misty-
      nah we got her named misty, but refering to her age according to the rescue she is 11 but every body who meets here thinks shes 8. sorry to here about your westie but look forward to the puppies :)
    17. -misty-
      love your westie :)
    18. -misty-
      she is a 8 year old rescue dog
    19. doggiesgalore
      Thanx Sammy. Thought I attend shows I don't actually show mine. I did show Mima my Westie one when she was 6 months old and she came 3rd. But didn't really like it. Maybe one of these days I will show one of my cavvies. Do you show?
    20. sammy1
      your cavvies are lovely ,do you show them ,i am sure you do as they are lovely looking
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    Part Time Office Manager - Radon Centres Ltd
    I am married to a lovely man. We have two children and five grandchildren. We presently share our home with six dogs, 4 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and 2 West Highland White Terriers & ten cats, a lilac cream BSH x Ragdoll, 7 Ragdolls & 2 British Shorthair.

    I work part-time 3 days per week multi-tasking at sales, credit control, wages & all other types of office work for a Company dealing with Radon gas. The other 2 days I look after our two youngest grandchildren whilst their mummy (our daughter-in-law) works. During the school hols I also help look after our other three grandchildren (our daughters). I enjoy taking them out, especially during the school summer hols when we go out one day every week. Seeing them happy & enjoying themselves makes me happy.
    I love & enjoy the company of all my beloved dogs & cats. I am passionate and devoted to them all and like to have the occasional litter (not me personally but my bitches & queens), ensuring beforehand they are healthy & all the required tests are carried out on each and ensuring the same of any protential stud. Healthy parents produce healthy puppies & kittens. It's quality not quantity that counts! All my cavalier girls have clear hearts, eyes and hearing certificates. I am also pl


    In the doghouse & catility with Tiekeltri:thumbup:

    Life without cats and dogs! I don't think so!
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