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Mar 13, 2013
Jan 20, 2012
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Mar 13, 2013
    1. Natzzhixon
      Thank you for the advice
    2. Natzzhixon
      Thank you for your advice x
    3. AngelEyes92
      I'm glad I'm on the right side of you.
      That is sick. REALLY sick. How did you manage to figure out she was lying?
      Oh, did she used to go by a different username too?
    4. AngelEyes92
      Your post on the 'meeting on neutral ground' made me giggle.. Tried to give you rep but apparently I need to spread it around. What's happened? :O Are you SURE you're not a private investigator?!
    5. theevos5
      No Problem xx
    6. AmberNero
      Thank you very much, that sets my mind at rest, kind of you to check the timeframe for me, cheers :)
    7. AmberNero
      Hullo, I meant to ask last night- how long did your coat from greyhound coats 2 U take to come through, please? I'm wondering whether to call and ask when I should be expecting it as I ordered it the night you made that thread. I imagine they have a lot to send out with their closing down sale though.
    8. AmberNero
      Oh, poor Joey! I'll swap you for a toothless wonder! :lol:
    9. AmberNero
      That's because it IS special! (and I'm going to steal Joey... just so's you know.)
    10. AmberNero
      Clearly you're too good a poster, I just got told I can't give you any more rep til I#ve spread it around! Have some imaginary rep instead :D
    11. terencesmum
      Thanks for the rep. :)
    12. Dober
      You're welcome...I thought I'd repped you long before to be honest!
    13. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Your very welcome :D
    14. simplysardonic
      Thanks for the rep, I've sent you some back, I've had a mildly irritating day & that thread has made me nearly die laughing!
    15. LottieLab
      Nononono - 30p!
    16. LottieLab
      Mm, I think I'm going to be a little zombie at school if I have to stay up all night - I think I'll make you do all the watching. If you spot enough inventors, maybe I'll give you a pay rise:D.
    17. LottieLab
      Naah, they'd probably think it was bullying - but we're just comedians in training:D! You have to tell me next time a clueless inventor comes by!
    18. LottieLab
      Lol, had a look through! You're DoggieBag wig made me roll off the chair, I was laughing so hard - I'm blaming you for the bruise I got:p! I think there should be a subforum specially for inventors, cos I'd be there all day!
    19. LottieLab
      Heya DoggieBag, haven't been on for a while so thought I'd say hi:D! Not been many threads to joke about since that daft inventor stopped posting, :p!
    20. JadeLeanne
      Lol Everything comes With their Pros And Cons.
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