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Jun 19, 2011
Apr 27, 2010
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Doberman Central
is a job worth having!

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PetForums Senior, from Doberman Central

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Jun 19, 2011
    1. Haley
      Cheers matey, knew you would support me. Defo going out now, will catch up l8r x
    2. Waterlily
      aw ya are so romantic :lol: :lol: yeah I love that pic :thumbup: something I would do really :o
      For the record its deffo not mrs I aint married or ever will be :cool: And thanks for the comment on Petal, she is my lil darling aye such a sweetie well they all are :001_wub:
    3. Waterlily
      your dogs are adorable btw xxx
    4. Waterlily
      Helloooo :D thanks mate.....
    5. Hells_Bells
      Cheers! Nice to be welcomed. x
    6. Haley
      Hi hun. Graham has shown me how to do the ticker. Would it be easier for me to explain how to do it in a message or over the phone whilst you do it? I am not at work tomorrow and neither is Graham, so either is good for us to explain.

      big hug matey x
    7. Haley
      Hi, I have sent this message as a visitor message as the other ones say you are only allowed 5, so thought I would give it a go, not sure what that's about. Anyway, I called in work this morning and put in 2 days leave as I just wanted to stay here with my babe. She is flat out in her bedroom (hah), I have had a kip on the settee and think I should really do a bit of cleaning, I could do that tomorrow though eh. Have a good day x
    8. dobermummy
      your dobermann's are gorgeous :)
    9. leashedForLife
      thank U so much for the last-minute entry, hun -
      i appreciate the effort! :) canuck-Jill is on-line, and i hope she posts the next-pic soon.
      pleasant dreams from across the pond,
      --- terry
    10. leashedForLife
      last-call for caption #42... :D
    11. metame
      hi again!
      yeah that is the case im afraid. She got wet tail and had to be put down last october at only 3 months old :( but she was a character! Now i have a long haired black hammy called ash as well as one of the russians (the cream one). the other got rehomed as she was technically my friends and when her and rilo started fighting my friend had her back but couldnt keep her anymore. I hope you do manage to get som pictures up soon - would be good to see :)
    12. metame
      ah, coale :0
      yeah she was beautiful!
      would love to see some pics of your pets!
    13. metame
      lol, which hamster did you like? i think the end of your message cut off also!
    14. RockRomantic
      your dobes are gorgeous!!!
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    Doberman Central
    is a job worth having!
    Sociable, fun loving, easy going animal crazy human!

    Socialising, meeting new people, cooking, reading, travelling, music and having fun time with my family, pets and friends.



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