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Jun 19, 2011
Apr 27, 2010
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Doberman Central
is a job worth having!

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PetForums Senior, from Doberman Central

dobermum was last seen:
Jun 19, 2011
    1. LouJ69
      Lol, if I could kill Jedward, I would believe me!
      These 'pyjama' creatures that venture out even wear dressing gowns & slippers ffs! Madness!
      Nitey nite to you my dear, I'm in work until 8 in the morning, so PF is a total lifesaver!lol
    2. LouJ69
      Ok, I'll just bring Jedward instead so!!! Oh god, they make me embarrassed to be Irish! I think the place you're thinking of is D4 & I'm not from there, thankfully! D4-where they quiff their hairs to the side & spend hours trying to make it look like their just up out of bed (I rock that look everyday & I don't even have to brush mine!lol). Of course we can't be forgettin' the UGG boots with the tracksuit bottoms too! Ah well, could be worse, I could be going out in my P.J.'s!
    3. LouJ69
      Well, I'm from inner city Dublin, where people struggle to understand what we're saying most of the time. Although, I'm not quite an AJH (Ah Jaysus Howyeh?!). Dublin-where we're so patriotic, even the water's green! lol
      Sure, I'm only a wee critter so I'll easily fit in that broom cupboard! lol
    4. LouJ69
      Ah sure, how's she cuttin'? Begorah & begosh & all that malarky!!!! Yes, I am now what's known as a Dulchie-a Dublin Culchie! Lovin' the sound of that broom cupboard tho!lol
    5. Haley
      Thanks for my picture comments, they made me smile x
    6. Shamen
      LOL its just the sort of thing i do!:D thanks a lot anyway:thumbup: and no probs about the rep xxx
    7. Luvdogs
      How is Dobermum today? :)
    8. Rhigeebee
      Funny you should say that about daxies and dobermans, a friend of mine saw a picture of Archie (the black and tan one) and asked if it was a doberman puppy!! Ha ha :-)
    9. smudgiesmummy
      hey ... thankyou ... they are from when i went to colchester zoo xxxx
    10. Waterlily
      Good Morning mate :D I'm all good and behaving how's you, are ya feeling better all the snot cleared out Lol :D
    11. LouJ69
      I usually end up on the net either in work or on my mobile so I can't put any pics up that way...I will get around to it-eventually!lol
      If I visited you & saw your 2 girls, I would never leave!!!!
    12. LouJ69
      Love your dogs. I would love to own a Dobermann some day soon. Can I borrow yours for a while?!lol
    13. sequeena
      Thanks for all the comments hun :D
    14. sequeena
      Aw you're more than welcome to nose about lol they're all old pics though :( x
    15. sequeena
      Thanks for the rep hun your dogs are stunning :D
    16. Waterlily
      aw even when ya sick as **** ya make me laugh :lol: :lol: Thanks for the kind comments xx Drop in anytime for a cyber beer aye ;) Take care and get well soon :)
    17. Waterlily
      aww hope ya feel better soon mate xx
    18. Waterlily
      evening here but what the hell aye :D how are ya xx
    19. jen24
      thank you for the rep hun xx
    20. RockRomantic
      lol!!!! silly!!! just put some new pictures up of max two of where his fur had almost finished growing back on my album :) hope you and your gang are alright, sending you our love xx
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    Doberman Central
    is a job worth having!
    Sociable, fun loving, easy going animal crazy human!

    Socialising, meeting new people, cooking, reading, travelling, music and having fun time with my family, pets and friends.



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