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Jun 19, 2011
Apr 27, 2010
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Doberman Central
is a job worth having!

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PetForums Senior, from Doberman Central

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Jun 19, 2011
    1. sequeena
      I'm loving it :D I didn't realise kittens could be so freaking cute!!!
    2. RockRomantic
      yeah won't be for a while and i mean years! but it cool to b prepared but deffo want a dobe pup but i would love a female so just keepin eyes out :D we're all fine hun xx
    3. sequeena
      Oh no what a shame :( you'll be back over soon though :D
    4. RockRomantic
      we're all fine sweetie been trying to find a Doberman breeder was looking at ettin a puppy in a couple years so maybe it's bit early to look :/ you all ok xx
    5. sequeena
      Hello you! I've been a busy bee but all is well here :D How are you and yours? xx
    6. Waterlily
    7. Emma32
      I don't think I've ever properly met a Doberman before. They have such scrummy big paws by the looks of things :p
      Aww thank you, he really does look a lot healthier and happier since he's been at our home. I was looking at Sequeena's thread, and the first thing I thought, was how much alike they are! Thanks for the lovely comment back ^.^ Furhugs returned to you and your girls x
    8. Emma32
      I just wanted to say, your Dobies are stunners!
      I've never really looked at the breed before, but your babies really are wonderful ^.^
    9. Shamen
      thank you so much:p,

      and im fine thanks xxx how you doing? love your dobes by the way, ive always loved that breed:) xxx
    10. Shamen
      awww what a lovely lovely thing to say in my rep, thank you:o im certain a lot of people on here would beg to differ though:D xxxx
    11. Acacia86
      Thank you so so much for your comments on my photos, i told the pets........their heads are now HUGE! Lol!!

      They are truly beautiful though, i love them more than words can say. xx

      Although, i am temtped to do a swap with your gorgeous, gorgeous girls!! Yes, i will now 'adopt' your girls from the Forum! LOL!!

      My friend had a Dobe called Chester, he has passed since :-( but he was the most amazingly calm, and wimpish dog ever LOL!!
    12. leanne2479
      lovley dogs i dont see many of them any more shame :O)
    13. Acacia86
      I completely agree! My lad probably wouldn't do well in the show ring to be honest! But i have no interest in it at all. He is just simoly my best friend and a companion! I do use his working instincts though just with no other animals ''game'' included!

    14. srhdufe
      I did let rip at her :lol:
      She must have complained tho too :rolleyes:
      Mods deleted it but didnt tell me why. They didnt even tell me they were deleting it
      It was london dogwalker who started it. ggggggrrrrrrrrr
    15. GillyR
      Awww thanks hun xxx
      Of course add me, - it will be a pleasure :-)
      My lot are grand thanks xxx Hope you are all well too xxx
    16. JJAK
      yepps, hubster is a scot...right down ta the ginger hair an everything ;) Infact...he hardly ever wears boxers...i think thats a scottish thing!! - finnily enough though, the dogs irish...he just wont let her have an irish tag, says its against his nationality LOL

      ah wow, do we got the cool fluffy pink and black gloves, some of the stuff you see on ther programme is NASTY eurgh, makes me sicky. youll have to show me how to make it properly some time, i am a hopeless cook, my speciality is lasagne....and thats about as good as it gets! I dont think i was ever destined to be a housewife, im not good at cleaning/cooking etc

      your fur kids are gorgeous, ill swap ye? random question, what made you get dobes? xoxoxox
    17. JJAK
      No problemmmoooooo

      oh my gosh, my OH is scottish and his family make THE nicest shortbread i think iv ever eaten yum yum yum, i attempted to make it once, failed miserable and ended up with bricks instead of biscuits HAHA

      When am i invited round for tea *wink wink* dont forget cheesecake for pudding, its deffo the best....then your furkids and my furkids can become fwendies although my smaller furkid would probs poo himself and hide if he met your furkids lol xxxx
    18. JJAK
      ahhhha you dont get rid of me that quick. Laptop + Kitchen = i can cook and be on PF at the same time :D:D
      chocolate..in CCC? never heard of that one before....if i had cocoa id give it a go....iv got cranberry tea ;) is that good enough. im alreay in my sexy pjs...ill show you them; Virtual Smart - my dad got me them from the US once.

      Kettle is on, dont spoze uv got any ginger nuts av ya? weve only got rich tea and custard creams...just int enough ;)

    19. JJAK
      You really do make me smile,
      im off to make an attempt at chillie con carne - not out of a jar style!

      speak to you soon.
      lots of love JJAK & Mad Gang xoxoxoxox
    20. JJAK
      Dirrty weekend PFFFFFFFFFFFT the closest i get to a dirty weekend is when the dogs come out the river, shake, and cover me in mud hehe...my only type of protection is a rain mac ;)

      As far as protection for the russell goes....im putting newspaper down on the kitchen floor so him and his new lady friend dont ruin my laminate hHAHA
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    Doberman Central
    is a job worth having!
    Sociable, fun loving, easy going animal crazy human!

    Socialising, meeting new people, cooking, reading, travelling, music and having fun time with my family, pets and friends.



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