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Jun 19, 2011
Apr 27, 2010
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Doberman Central
is a job worth having!

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PetForums Senior, from Doberman Central

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Jun 19, 2011
    1. kittykat
      Aww thanks thats sweet, well I am late for picking up Holly from school (again!!) but will reply properly when I get back later! Lol Hope ya ok xxxx
    2. sequeena
      Well I hope you managed to get some sleep lol :p I'm not too bad. Wanted to spend time with the OH today but he's sleeping. Again :mad: Think I might get myself a blow up doll or something it'd be more flipping interesting!!!

      Luna is still in season (ugh) but she's doing well. She's a little hormonal at times but I don't blame her lol the kitties are downstairs in Sky's crate now and they're absolutely wonderful :D I've picked names for the three we're keeping (well OH named one lol). Cassandra/Cassie, Gwyn and Nemo :D The dogs love them and are always going up to the crate or a sniff! I can't believe they'll be 3 weeks old tomorrow :eek:

      Cotton is doing really well though I think she's going to start weaning them in the next few weeks as their baby teeth have come through and it's hurting her at times :(

      Glad your little rabbit is back to his normal self it's horrible when they're ill :(

      My neighbour across the road has a little of blue staffs ready to go I'm puppy broody again!!
    3. CatzEyes
      Hey there, thanks for the picture and the holiday wishes. My OH did smoked ribs yesterday but he started them way late and it was not done till almost 9 and I did not make it. Was so tired from all the hours I worked last week that I was out by 8 last night.
      I bet u will be glad to go home, I imagine it's no fun to be somewhere that u don't like. Why r u there anyways if u don't mind me asking.
      LOL ride the harley on the cyberwaves that's soooo funny...LOL. Speaking of harleys, we are going riding today at least we are suppose to anyways. So looking forward to it. Especially after the long week I had...hehe
      Well hope u r well and talk soon...xx
    4. CatzEyes
      and hey there back at ya.
      thanks for all your comments on my pics, as soon as I get a chance I will be sure to check at your.
      your also welcome for the request
      Oh I have always wanted to go there, seen many a scenery from there on Tv, I am actually German/Irish so it's in my blood. Maybe some day..LOL
      I love my home, especially the mountains, tell everyone I was a Deer in my past life...LOL
      Well work is going alright, can't wait till Monday when I go back to my simple 3 days a week schedule, been a few years since I worked 5 days straight.
      U have a good weekend and take care...xxx
      Oh yeah and I'll be sure to give my gorgeous boy that kiss on his gorgeous spotted nose for ya...LOL
    5. sequeena
      Oh bless how is the little bunny today? x
    6. sequeena
      Aww hello my dear :D We're not too bad! The kittens are 2 weeks old now :D Luna is in her first season and Sky is being a pain in the arse lol how are you and your furries? xx
    7. CatzEyes
      Hello, well u were mighty close to my home then. I have lived here all my life and I really love my home. It get's mighty hot here but I love it anyways.
      Our state is huge for harleys and other motorcycles as well, our beautiful mountains are the most popular routes for riding to, crazy but since we have had our motorcycle I have seen more of my state than I ever have to, some memories of a lifetime there.
      Well, I will only be on to check my messages for the next five days as I am working some extra hours, so take care, be back to normal on Monday.
    8. kittykat

      Hello!!! **waves back**

      God I know all about snoring OH's!!! I've kicked mine that many times he has a permanent footprint on his ass :p

      Well I haven't really been on much either lately just popping in here and there!

      Hope you're all doing well & catch ya soon! xx
    9. CatzEyes
      Hey no problem, I need to update my furbaby pics but they haven't really changed in looks...LOL.
      And your welcome as well.
    10. CatzEyes
      Oh no problem, but thanks anyways for that. Yes I am well.
      Your dogs are beautiful.
      Hope u r well to
    11. Waterlily
      haha yeah ya dont need another ass hanging round aye ;) I know it is a rudie word your end of the planet tis why I like it so much :D
    12. Waterlily
      yeah all good and dandy :D somedays ;) Lol. Yeah missed ya round here ya knob :)
    13. Waterlily
      how are ya noodle :D long time no speak xx
    14. LouJ69
      I've posted some pictures of my new Siberian Husky puppy Alpha in the pictures section! Check them out!
    15. paddyjulie
      Oh it's a lovely day isn't it ... Makes a change for up here we don't normally get the sun ..
    16. paddyjulie
      what a lovely message .....xxxthey look lovely sitting there together x..are they best pals?
    17. kittykat

      Hiya havent spoken in a few just wondering how ya doin? :D :D xx
    18. sequeena
      Hehe you'd be more than welcome!! :D Casper has opened both his eyes at 6 days old! :o
    19. paddyjulie
      just had a little sneak at your photos beautiful z
    20. paddyjulie
      Thankyou very much.. xx
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    Doberman Central
    is a job worth having!
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    Socialising, meeting new people, cooking, reading, travelling, music and having fun time with my family, pets and friends.



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