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Sep 13, 2013
Mar 3, 2012
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June 27

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PetForums Senior, from Rutland

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Sep 13, 2013
    1. emmaviolet
      Haha, most likely!
      I find Alfie makes more sense then most people! X
    2. emmaviolet
      Aw bless her. They usually chat when you ask them things, crazy as it sounds!!

      Im glad you are happy with her, she is just so beautiful too! X
    3. emmaviolet
      Aw he is great thanks. His usual cheeky self but he is behaving himself too! I'm always amazed by his endless energy!!
      We had a bit but it has gone now thankfully!
      Has Halo started to 'talk' to you yet? x
    4. emmaviolet
      Yep it may well be the lambs heart. Most roughs have a bit of a sensitive tummy with rich foods, well most I have had and known about.
      It wont hurt to trim it just by the bum underneath the tail. When you look under there it is so dense and covers the bum so much that it is bound to happen!;)

      Aw thats great! x
    5. emmaviolet
      Oh no!!!
      Is her toilet a bit soft? This is when it will usually stick to the fur.
      You can give it a quick clean with a cloth or wet wipes and give the hair directly around the area a trim so it doesn't stick to the hair just around the bum!
      They joys of a long haired dog eh!!
      Hows everything going? x
    6. emmaviolet
      I hope he is alright! Give him a big hug from me! X
    7. emmaviolet
      What a stunner Halo is!!! She is just divine.
      Your right she does look like the queen bee!! X
    8. emmaviolet
      Yep no excuses!!!!!! xx
    9. emmaviolet
      Fantastic!! She sounds like a little dream!

      Im very jealous right now!;)

      You need to get snapping with that camera!!:p
    10. emmaviolet
      Aw bless her, putting the big boy in his place!
      I bet they will be as thick as thieves soon!

      Is she behaving herself? X
    11. emmaviolet
      Awww. I cant wait to see her. Give her a cuddle from me!!
      How does Zeus feel about her?

      What bad luck with your camera. Always the way!!

      Congrats!! X
    12. emmaviolet
      Awww good luck!!

      I hope everything goes well and she is everything you hope for!
      Have a safe journey and remember lots of pics when you have time!!!! X
    13. emmaviolet
      Oooh tomorrow's the big day!!!

      Excited? X
    14. emmaviolet
      Good because I cannot wait to see her!

      Haha, I know what you mean, I have only had boys but the pink things are soooooo cute!!

      I just love her name, I can see things having a halo on them for her!

      That will be sweet, them snuggled up together! xx
    15. emmaviolet
      Aww bless him. Big changes then!!!

      It mustbe exciting, especially starting a journey with a new breed too!
      Theres so much lovely stuff! I found a beautiful puppy bed so cheap the other day and was going to buy it for future use!
      Cant wait to see her. Lots of pics please!!! X
    16. emmaviolet
      Oooooh, how exciting!!!!

      I'd say medium would be fine, especially for now! Alfie wears one, not that you can see it though as his hair comes out over it.

      No I'm not on facebook. Although I did have a look at the collienet page on my mothers account!!:rolleyes:
    17. emmaviolet
      how long now? xx
    18. emmaviolet
      Aw thats ok. Anytime. X
    19. emmaviolet
      Yep those two look good. Im going to get the double one tomorrow thanks, its a good price and need a new one.

      I dont know what a slicker is sorry. Ive never had one.

      Ooooh get ready for a little fluff ball!!! X
    20. emmaviolet
      Hi, just saw your message.

      A two sided brush with a smooth side and a pin side should be good and a comb for potential knors.

      I bet your getting excited now!!!! X
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    June 27


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