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Nov 10, 2011
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PetForums VIP, from Cambridge

    1. danielled
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    2. Dogloverlou
      Was lovely meeting you too. Very impressed with Sprocket's level of concentration and he's very in tune with you :) Hope to see you again there come September.
    3. Cleo38
      I know what you mean but at least you got to have a nice day without worrying about Sprokett. Toby loved it but Roxy would've hated it. I spent some time with Poppy as she was getting upset that Janet was doing some scent work, Toby was fine with this but Roxy would not have been happy, am so glad I left her at home!
    4. Cleo38
      I've just realised this was you .... if you get what I mean! Lovely pics you took of the Happy Hounds fun day on FB. We had such a great day, really enjoyed it :D
    5. Dodima
      Here's my side of events relating to dog locked in car. I waited with the dog as both the Gardai and the Dublin SPCA told me they could do nothing. I stayed there with 2 other girls for approximately 75 minutes (dog left at 5:45 in car at earliest. I arrived at 5:50, proceeded to gym having looked in on him. At 18.10 i came outside again to check and stayed there till 19:10) At 19:10 I had to leave but was informed by staff of the gym she left at 19:20. I had tried ringing her and having her vehicle reg called out plus gym staff looking for her based on her ID as she didn't answer phone or page.
      The dog was in car for 90 mins. Laws in Ireland are not strict or enforced but if I broke the window I would be persecuted.
      I was not clocking time or standing by idly but keeping an eye on the dog hoping he would not go into heat exhaustion. There was no water and the temp in the shade in the car (or at least by my car mimicking the window lightly open like hers) was 24 degrees Celsius.
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