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May 10, 2015
Apr 16, 2012
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DENISE R was last seen:
May 10, 2015
    1. delca1
      Just peeped at the photos on your profile page...why on earth did I think they were blue!! Ruby really is very pretty,
    2. delca1
      Wow, what a lovely message, thank you! Don't let her looks fool you, Indie is going through the teenage bit at the moment and is getting a little bit naughty at times, trouble is she seems to be cleverer than me!
      I can't quite tell from your photo but has Ruby got blue eyes? They look very pretty :)
    3. cats galore
      cats galore
      hi Denise, sorry i didn't reply last night, i had gone to bed. i have 6 kittens here at the moment who are being sick too but they also have diarrhea. they went off their food and lost a lot of weight - my vet has given them antibiotics and two days later they are doing well now. i was trying to tempt then with all sorts of food even fresh chicken but they wouldn't eat either - they were drinking lots of water though. personally, if Ruby is still like it today i would try to see a vet with her. it could be that she needs antibiotics like these have needed. sorry i've not been much help xx
    4. 1970bunny
      Aww thankyou,, he,s sweet is marley he has a love heart shape on his side when he is cuddled up which i find myself also cute! Marley sends ruby his love too x
    5. tanya14
      Denise have not been on the forum for ages and saw your reply it was so lovely to
      read about your beautiful girl, i love her loads lol... and love that she has lots of toys
      too bless her will try to post photos of my two girls and boy.
    6. Jonescat
      Aww happy birthday for whenever it was. Yep they sure do rule the house. Aelfred sends kisses to Ruby...
    7. Midnight13
      Aww thank you! Just seen these!

      Ruby is so dainty :D
    8. DENISE R
      DENISE R
      She is a total madam, not very loving and cuddly, but demanding of treats. She sits on the armchair in the bay window and beware anyone trying to sit on there as the look she gives would kill lol. I call it her 'day bed', the house revolves around her, she has more cuddly toys than some kids, 4 storey scratchy post need I go on lol
    9. tanya14
      Oh my gosh look at her little pink nose what sort of personality does your little
      girl have, she looks very demanding and because she is so pretty lol looks like
      she gets her way. I love her!!!
    10. ukdave
      Thanks :) Ruby is a cutie <3
    11. Kittenfostermummy
      Thank you He is now over a year old and a right scardy cat but a stunning one if I do say so myself lol. Ruby is gorgeous too :)
    12. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      thank you i haven't updated for a while but will soon
    13. ukdave
      Thank you :)
    14. coonie girl
    15. Sirild
      Thank you - she is a real sweetie :-) I just love your Ruby!

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