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Dec 10, 2013
Dec 27, 2010
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Prilep, Macedonia
self-employed farmer/housewife

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PetForums Member, from Prilep, Macedonia

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Dec 10, 2013
    1. Zaros
      Part TWO: I'm sorry to differ, but during our research of the Sar' we found no evidence of a breeder or the breed in Britain. America still employs the Sar' as livestock guardian against Coyotes in certain areas and also utilises its services as security/guard dog on many privateĀ“and industrial properties. We do not agree with this type of work for such an animal as the Sar'. Our Sar's are pets only but many of our friends who also own the Sar' and its distant cousin the Caucasian have them as working dogs to protect their livestock.
      Sar's are physically much quicker and more alert than the Caucasian.
      This dog fighting you speak of is it organised crime dog fighting or culturally promoted whereas the owners of both dogs are in leashed attendance (referees) to ensure neither dog comes to any serious harm? This type of 'Dog fighting' (not that we condone the act) involves little money and guarantees that only the strongest dog gets to sire the bitch ensuring a strong bloodline.
    2. Zaros
      Part ONE: Hi and apologies for the delay in replying to your message. Illryian sheepdogs, fondly aka Gentle Giants and FCI recognised Ovcarski Sarplaninacs are indeed magnificent dogs. Although many are more similar to the Kraski they are still regarded as a Sar'
      We have a 25 month old female (Zara) and a 23 month old male (Oscar) Oscar is the original Gentle Giant weighing in at around 72 kilos whilst Zara weighs in at around 50 kilos. Zara is more the Kraski breed and very feisty with it. She fears nothing and no one. Sarplaninacs were also bred to ward off Bears as well as Wolves and that is the reason for their overall size.
    3. dobermummy
      glad you didnt take offence at my post, was trying to lighten it up a litte :)
    4. sandymere
      You do realise that Old shep and I have a tendency to upset few posters, you will get a reputation having friends like us!
    5. Old Shep
      Old Shep
      Woo! I have 2 friends now!!
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    Prilep, Macedonia
    self-employed farmer/housewife
    i come from Scotland but imagrated to Macedonia with my husband. we have a small holding farm and live semi-self sufficiantly. we have a beautiful 2 year old female St Bernard dog called Demi who is amazingly gentle and tollerent of our 3 year old who rides her like a horse!

    farming, horse riding, dog walking/hiking (anything animal related) reading/ learning ( science; biology, quantum physics, astronomy, evolution.....)
    relaxing in the garden in the sun drinking beer and watching the kids play :)


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