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Jul 12, 2020
Oct 29, 2011
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PetForums VIP, from Hertfordshire

delca1 was last seen:
Jul 12, 2020
    1. springerpete
      Hi, nice of you to message me, I'm fine, dogs are fine, the Lady Rose is fine. The reason I stopped posting is because it seemed to be getting a little too bitchy on the forum, far too many experts dishing out complicated advice for problems
      that should have been easy to resolve, If ever you feel you want to get in touch my mail is springerpete1@gmail.com
      1. delca1 likes this.
      2. delca1
        Aww, thanks for that, I so love your musings, miss hearing about those two gorgeous dogs of yours! I tend to just pop in and out of pf briefly these days but it does seem to have calmed down, I was getting a bit fed up with the bitching too. Glad you're all fine, thanks for replying.
        May 5, 2015
      3. delca1
        Hope you don't think I'm stalking you, it's just that I often wonder how you all are, I don't get on here as much now, not so keen on the new format to be honest, but the nastiness seems to have subsided again. Keep well and keep happy!
        Aug 4, 2015
    2. fluffybunny2001
      ah ok.
      snoop was my special boy
    3. fluffybunny2001
      there was a white shepard called lucky and a black and tan one called tilly when i was there.
      do you volunteer there?
      how did you know i had something to do with nawt?
    4. fluffybunny2001
      hi yes i used to work at nawt,left 4 months ago.
      erm wa sit a white shepherd?
    5. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      yes i agree, positive thinking is a good road to go down. we are supposed to be house sitting in a home near a beautiful beach, in 2 weeks time, if it comes off, we will be able to take max, it's the first time he'll have been near a beach in years, so fingers crossed.
    6. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      thank you for the like re balancing it out, hope you and yours are well, ttfrn.
    7. cinnamontoast
      Hey, I shared this on Hertfordshire Horseriders and my own timeline yesterday. A friend of a friend, Sandra, is on the case. He won't be PTS in a pound now she's involved. He's on every site possible. There was a black cocker lost in Dunstable two years ago. The dog is chipped to somewhere in Devon, but no information from there yet. X
    8. ouesi
      Thank you for the rep :)
    9. ForeverHome
      Thank you for rep those are only my thoughts you know ...
    10. DENISE R
      DENISE R
      Hi, her eyes are red, she is a genuine albino cat, no pigment at all. The vet has never seen another and in a book I saw it said they didn't exist, but every animal has the possibility to have an albino example as it is a genetic abnormality. I have seen a couple on google images that look a lot like her but are boys. She is a little princess and boy does she know it. She doesn't go out because of her colouring and well she is my baby lol xx
    11. delca1
      Be careful then, your leg must be so fragile still x
    12. cinnamontoast
      Think he walks with a bloke with two Eurasiers, one looks like a Keeshond, one a chow. Buster collars are the perfect height to hit the back of my leg where the injury starts! PITA!
    13. cinnamontoast
      Dunno, there's one long haired we see often with a mixed race guy. Just discovered Zak has a hole through the webbing of a forepaw. Flushed with sterile saline and vet powder. Brig, the 'sensible' one has obviously had a good lick overnight, he's made it bleed. Luckily we have antibiotics and painkillers. Two spanners with buster collars! We're going to take Brig put but the youngsters can't come out.
    14. cinnamontoast
      Honestly, I think it's her! She looks like she's going to come at us then crouches. The OH always walks past really fast, I'll be shouting at Zak to leave it so he ignores dogs, ruddy trauma he is with other dogs!
    15. sirobert
      Many thanks for the kind words and thoughts. Much appreciated. Indie is absolutely beautiful by the way. I've always had GSDs in the past ...... always girls and no 'accidents'. Just two 'planned' amazing litters. Toughest part was saying goodbye to them ...... but so many happy memories.
    16. DENISE R
      DENISE R
      I want Indie, what a beautiful dog, he is everything I would love in a German Shep, my god those pictures are sooooooooooo cute. Your cats are also to die for, they remind me of my first cat Jezabel that I had when I was a teenager. You are very lucky and I am VERY jealous, hugs Denise and Ruby xx
    17. cheekyscrip
      I was sure we were "friends" already?...ya sure ya did not kick me out?
    18. leashedForLife
      yes- but the OP thinks i'm a judgmental beast. :o sigh~~~
    19. leashedForLife
      U're very welcome. :yesnod: sometimes just looking at it from the other
      end [baby instead of pup] can be a huge advantage.
      - t
    20. hazyreality
      No 6 on the easter bunny competition are mine :) thankyou for voting for them. Its not too hard tbh because they get bribed with barley rings :p
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