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Jul 13, 2008
Apr 29, 2008
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Jul 13, 2008
    1. staffybreeder
      your soo lucky i would love to show luna ,but hes just soo naughty lol
    2. staffybreeder
      hunny do you show your staffs
    3. gazt
      if you get a staffy pup would it grow up alright with your other dogs i like staffs i,mthinking of gettin one when i have room again any info would grateful
    4. debdarby
      i have 4 staffords ive shown & bred them, we also have 2 new husky puppies ,i can help anyone with any advice on staffords but lookin for advice on the huskys
    5. debdarby
      do you now how i can get my pictures on i can show you all my dogs
    6. debdarby
      my hubby has been askin me for the past 5yrs so i gave in ive got my 4 staffords yeah huskys are a little harder work but if you have good dog skills then they are brillant my staffords love them & they can live together unlike staffords who defo fight the same sex hope ypur bitch catches if you need any advive with your new litter then ill be happy to help
    7. staffybreeder
      hi , i never even liked dogs until 2 1/2 years ago when my husband finally made me give in to getting him a pup . the first time i saw luna i was hooked :D. we now have 2 , luna and ebony. luna has bin going out to stud and we have now decided to try and have a litter with our own bitch ( shes due in season next month ,so fingers crossed). wat made try huskys only ask as my friend is thinking on buying one but is slightly concerned as she heard that they can be really hard work...
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