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David @ Natural Dog
Last Activity:
May 25, 2011
Jan 12, 2010
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David @ Natural Dog

PetForums Junior, from Heckington, Lincolnshire

David @ Natural Dog was last seen:
May 25, 2011
    1. djnield
      Just wondered if you are planning any promotions soon for us forum members?
    2. chestersmum
      Hi David

      Can you tell me the fat content in your senior/light food please

    3. bevstretton
      Hello David
      are you still busy????? have you been able to link web sites, how are you getting ready for the Heckington show ? l will be in Totnes that weekend but wish you well say Hi to Tracey
    4. bevstretton
      Hi David
      Had added your link to my web site as agreed, hope everything went well with the move, any change for a link from your site to mine, l have a couple of dog grooming parlour suppliers interested, but will wait until after Crufts, how are things with you and Natural Food ?
    5. bevstretton
      Sound good for Feb good luck with the move
    6. bevstretton
      Morning David
      no gave up with Kirks in Dec, vets were not referring, though other vets did and do from Peterborough, also busy visiting clients in their own homes, products are picking up, waiting for some contracts from Jollyes, Kennelgate, purrfect pets, looking to expand on those, Dog World following on from feature have invited me to talk next week to a large group of breeders, also your dog doing a new product review next month, David we will have to arrange a meeting, when the weather gets better
    7. bevstretton
      Sorry David
      l worked with Kirk pets in Sleaford, l was there when your rep came into the shop and l had Tracey order some, as l am all for your natural products, and have been explaining to many dog owners that it is the best way forward l am the visiting animal therapist for homeopathy, canine massage and they sell my herbal products,
    8. bevstretton
      David do get in touch, website is up and running , we spoke last yr about linking together
      Happy New yr
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    100% natural human grade ingredients. Nothing else added, nothing else needed.
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