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David & Emily
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Apr 13, 2011
Sep 1, 2010
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David & Emily

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Apr 13, 2011
    1. SnowKitty
      Sorry for the random message, But i think your cat is beautiful! :D
    2. Pippin
      Hi Emily. How's Roy doing? Bet he's getting big now. Helen x
    3. Angelic1
      Hi..thank you. The blue on my profile pic is Dolly (girl) 2 years old on 1st December and my blue tortie and white is Poppy (girl) 18 months on 6th December....love them to bits.:D
    4. Angelic1
      Love your profile pic!:D
    5. Pippin
      Hi Emily. Yes the avatar pic is my BSH Millie, she is 16 weeks and 2 days old, born on the 25th May. When was Roy born? He is just stunning. How are you finding him? Millie has been as good as gold since we got her three weeks ago but is just starting to find her naughty side I think and get up to a bit of mischief but she is generally very good. She's so laid back and very loving, does Roy follow you around? Millie often follows us upstairs or when we go in another room, it's so cute. Helen x
    6. Baby British
      Baby British

      This is Layla as a kitten on the day we brought her home, a week before last christmas.


      And this was taken a few days ago.
    7. Baby British
      Baby British
      That's ok! It won't take you long to find your way around.

      I love the name Roy - how cute?!

      The nearest I have to a british blue is my blue colourpoint BSH Layla. I still think of her as a kitten but she'll be a year old in just over a week!
    8. David & Emily
      David & Emily
      Aww thank you! He is 4 months old next week, and I have called him Roy :)
      Do you have a British Blue?
    9. Baby British
      Baby British
      Your kitten is divine! How old is he and what have you called the little man?
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