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Dally Banjo
Oct 22, 2009
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Under a pile of sawdust
MD of paws4paint.co.uk

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Dally Banjo

PetForums VIP, from Under a pile of sawdust

    1. hobbs2004
      Morning! Yup, let's hope they arrive today!
    2. danielled
      Glad she is ok I'm ok thanks.
    3. hobbs2004
      Yup, sun is out here too! Fabulous. Missed that golden disc.
    4. hobbs2004
      Hell, no still waiting. Yes, no post here as yet either. Am expecting a few thing so not best pleased! Would expect the minces to arrive by courier though...
    5. dougal22
      Thanks for the blob :D:D:D
    6. Abcynthia
      He is an all round complete oddball. I don't like him near my cats - although they seem to have good judgement and stayed away and I don't like him near my daughter either.

      I hope you are doing good today and Louie is behaving and his pants are staying on :P
    7. hobbs2004
      Lol - go and remember! Are you currently on black or blue? ;)

      Oh, did they deliver the minces? I haven't got them yet...
    8. Sorcha
      So sorry it took me so long to get back to you, but we moved from Wales to England and I had pneumonia. Is it too late to wish you a happy new year? No of course not ;) Have a wonderful, happy, healthy new year!!!!
    9. danielled
      How is Holly.
    10. hobbs2004
      Families indeed!
    11. hobbs2004
      How did it go today buttercup?
    12. CAstbury
      The pics I have posted are nothing compared to the ones I was e-mailed last night by his rescuer. He is soooooo thin it is unbelievable - heartbreaking. Can't understand how anyone could do that to him and the others that were found with him. I just hope I can improve what little life he has left.
    13. hobbs2004
      No worries hun! Wasn't much use. Perhaps good timing re the batteries. Way too hot under the collar for some on here recently. So much bickering and bitching. Not fun!
    14. danielled
      It is carnage oops hate when batteyies are running out.
    15. dodigna
      Good luck, hope it's only a sprain and nothing to have to worry about, poor Holly...
      Ray also hates the vets, we went to a friend of my dad's restaurant and Ray was asleep next to my chair, the wife of the restaurant's owner came to meet him and I woke him up (yes, I am that clever!), Ray in a daze saw the woman with the chef uniform and gave her a massive snarl! He thought she was a vet! Luckily she wasn't fazed and on our way out he was more awake and walked up to her wagging his tail and gave a nice apology, but I tell you the rest of the restaurant staff stayed well clear :rolleyes:
    16. danielled
      I think I will just sit in a corner tonight lol.
    17. danielled
      Oh dear keep me updated with Holly.
    18. danielled
      Hows you andthe spots and claws.
    19. CAstbury
      Thanks for rep. Francis will get a big hug from everyone on PF - I am getting quite emotional about the nice comments I am receiving. x
    20. buffie
      It is strange how funerals and wedding's can bring out the bad side in people.You will soon be on the trail of 22 mice all over again :D Meeko is singng Singing::rolleyes:He discovered ,by accident that if you climb up the old steps in the porch and then hang from the curtain you get a "cats eye" view of the bird feeders under the hawthorn tree.He wants in to see the birdies but I wont let him :hand:so he is not happy :incazzato::incazzato:
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    Under a pile of sawdust
    MD of paws4paint.co.uk


    All my children have paws!​


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