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May 4, 2011
Jan 20, 2011
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PetForums Senior, from In the dog house...

DaisytheTT was last seen:
May 4, 2011
    1. Angie2011
      Hi hun! hope your well? :) x
    2. pamray
      Hi I just joined because I had searched for grooming a tibetian terrier and read your posts so I joined to be able to speak with you. My TT is named Teddy he is tri color and since puppyhood he has hated to be groomed & has been shaved down twice now because of matts. I bought a comb with rotating teeth that works wonders and I bought a stripper that heps me gets the matts out. He is so matted now again that I am going to pour Johnson's no more tangles all over him before I even begin. He growls and bites me and won't let me touch his paws my hubby has to hold him down and we give him a chewable dog bone to keep his mind off it. How are you doing with your grooming I have a groomer table but he tries to jump off it even with the noose on him. hopefully pouring the no more tangles for kids on him then immediately working on the matts will help. any input is appreciated
    3. Cockerpoo lover
      Cockerpoo lover
      Hi hope all's well with you? x
    4. 0nyxx
      hi lovely profile pic is he/she a bearded collie?
    5. kaz_f
      Hey thanks for the friend request :)
    6. katie200
      Awwww sweet names I have 2 cats one named smokey and the other holly and I also have a dog labradore named jessies
    7. XxZoexX
      No problem hun :D
    8. katie200
      That's cool I'm sure she not lol I say the about my cats there little night mares Lol I also have a dog she's sweet when she wants to be lol what your dogs name
    9. bigdaddy
      thats ok no probs
    10. katie200
      Hello cute dog pic
    11. XxZoexX
      helloooooooo :lol:
    12. bigdaddy
      your dog looks lovely in the pic
    13. Kiwi
      Hello and welcoto you and Daisy (soooo cute!) and sorry I missed your arrival. 'Hope you are settling in well to the forum x
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