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May 19, 2015
Apr 14, 2010
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January 9
Chester, Cheshire
Sales/Admin Assistant

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PetForums Senior, from Chester, Cheshire

Daisymoo was last seen:
May 19, 2015
    1. niki87
      Oh happy belated bday!!! Hope you had a good one! How's u? Not seen u on in ages! xx
    2. bbear690
      Happy Birthday xx
    3. niki87
      Lol oh he feels fine...he's done the business over my two white cushions...conveniently avoiding the brown ones lol!!

      Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't breathe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4. niki87
      Awwww bet they are gorgeous! Can't wait for pics! Tummy is fine...though my son has it now :( xx
    5. niki87
      Helloooooooooo??????? How are the babies? xx
    6. niki87
    7. $hAzZa
      People can be insensive at times, and if they had a problem with what your doing then they could PM you rather than start a public arguement
      Haha, that's ok! I've had a few rants in my time :rolleyes: xx
    8. $hAzZa
      Hey hun, you ok?xx
    9. princesslea
      Hi Dasymoo, ive made a deceision, can you reserve me two bucks, they will be joining my two little darlings. What colours do u have left? Mine are white with brownbrown hoods so i would prefer lighter colours if u have them, if not dont worry I will just take the cutest ones lol speak soon, Shelley x
    10. niki87
      Oh and i didnt have enough room on the strip for my gorgeous bun Saffy so gonna let her have a day on her own! xx
    11. niki87
      Lol no its OK! I got it through this morning! I was surprised as I realised id not given you my address! Wow it is beautiful though!! Thank you so much!! xx
    12. niki87
      Yeah have taken millions of pics of pets but it's so hard to get good ones! Esp with a phone camera! xx
    13. niki87
      Lol yeah that's what i did! The URL wasn't working!! Anyways I got most of pets up!! :) Thanks!! And thanks for the brooch!! xx
    14. niki87
      Hi!! Grrr this is really annoying me now!! I have been building a signature picture thing on that Pikistrips I've noticed you've got! But now this site won't upload it!! Keeps saying invalid file!! How did you do it? Thanks!! xx
    15. $hAzZa
      Thanks for asking, he's starting to get a hold over his nerves now, still haven't managed to handle him, but he's taking treats off me better now :)
      Was gonna move him into zoozone 2 I got, so I have better access to try and scoop him up :) xx
    16. $hAzZa
      Thanks for the advice, made me feel better :) x
    17. niki87
      I thought I replied...argh...sorry...YES I want one please! You got any girls? Thanks, xx
    18. niki87
      Oh oops i just pmed you!! Sorry. Ok...unfortunately i am in manchester and i dont drive. Awww thats a shame as i would have loved to come and choose one! xx
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  • About

    January 9
    Chester, Cheshire
    Sales/Admin Assistant
    I spent 3 years (1992-1995) at Loughborough College of Art and Design gaining a degree in Printed Textiles.

    Looking after my pets.
    Walking my 2 dogs.
    Drawing, painting, making cards and jewellery.
    Watching films and TV - Favourite shows at the mo are Lost and How I Met your Mother.
    Reading - Currently reading "Twilight"


    My Mini Zoo

    2 Dogs - Denby and Daisy
    2 Guinea Pigs - Beau and Hurley
    3 Chickens - Rosemary, Kimberley and Henrietta
    4 Hammy Boys - Marley,Yum Yum,Tick Tick & Jasper
    1 Hammy Girl - Phoebe
    6 Rattie boys - Jenson, Rom, Nog, Paris
    Trip and Tucker
    4 Rattie girls - Moogie, Yoshi, Tofor and Ezri

    Gone but never forgotten

    Rosa and Matilda (Hammies)
    Button (Rattie)
    Humphrey (Guinea pig)

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