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Jun 13, 2016
Oct 20, 2009
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August 23
Madison, WI, USA

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PetForums VIP, Female, from Madison, WI, USA

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Jun 13, 2016
    1. buffie
      I reported that thread in cat breeding"baby cat breed"I was getting the same pics when clicking to enlarge the pic :eek:.Lynn(mod) removed it to investigate;)Just thought I would say incase you wondered what happened to it
    2. RabbitMonster
      Thank you for the friend add m'dear :D I thought we were already friends though, clearly I need my eyes testing :rolleyes:
    3. RabbitMonster
      Phew! :o I'm very glad to hear you say that, I was so worried about it, I thought I was irritating everyone with my posts :o
    4. RabbitMonster
      Well hello :D Quick question, I get the feeling I post new threads too much, and I rant a little bit too much too. Would you agree with this? Be completely honest, I don't mind, I just feel a little bit idiotic atm.. :o
    5. MoggyBaby
      Thank you for you kind comments regarding Merson's MIA poster. :D

      I didn't want to 'like' it on the thread tho' as that felt a bit frivalous and Benji missing is a serious situation. :(
    6. gemma1234
      Sorry, I don't know how to PM you but thank you for my blob... I'm on the verge of being banished for my comment
    7. buffie
      You are very welcome :)
    8. Emma-Jayne
      Thank you for the visitor message :).

      Sorry about you mum and sister I understand how hard these things can be. I have a friend with ms and he is the same :(
      I kind of soldier on. The iPad has been a god send, but watching my dad try use it is hilarious as he hits about 3 keys at once :D.

      I hate some of the garbled messages on here too it just seems lazy. I proof read it all to make sure it has understood me but occasionally the odd thing slips through :o I was without the use of my hands for a while that was pretty tough. What was worse was when my hands were better I was under doctors orders not to type. That was horrid!

      I wish I had the words to help your mum and sister but it's difficult. Tell them about how i use this. It may give them ideas on ow to make some jobs easier.

      Em xxxxxxxxxxxx
    9. Emma-Jayne
      Thought I'd share my experience of iPads :)

      I find it very easy to type on even though I'm not allowed (recent surgery on hands). I use the microphone on the keyboard to talk my posts and the iPad does it for me. The touch screen is easier on my hands than trackpads or mice which either hurt my fingers or wrists. It suits my disability great but I know lots of people who, like you say run out and buy a shiny new toy that they struggle to use. :D

      Em xxxxxxxxxx
    10. SloanMahria
      Yeah I felt the exact same way it really irritated me. But I guess we should expect that from some people for joining a uk forum but they do seem to know so much and are extremely helpful once they get past the freak out stage.
    11. MoggyBaby
      Thank you so much for the rep hun, that was most kind of you. :)
    12. SloanMahria
      Thank you so much for the positive rep this is the first one I have gotten. Yes we do have to stick together. I guess it is strange for me to join a uk forum but it seemed like the one with the best advice.I am so tired of getting bad reps for one stupid mistake.
    13. vivien
      Hi I noticed in your signature that you have a African Grey Parrot I have my sons Rosella he is a crimson Rosella and I hope you don't mind me picking your brains but Rio is scratching a lot and pulling some of his feathers out I spoke to the people we got him from and they said he is moulting and his new quills are coming through could you tell me is this what's happening and if it is is there any way I can help him through the moult? I have never had a parrot before and any help would be gratefully received thank you in advance
    14. jo-pop
      What a lovely comment you made about me. :) Very sweet.

      I can be a g*t at times though haha
    15. Simon's cats
      Simon's cats
      Yes. The C was for Cleo and we had to rehome Cleo. Not somethign I ever thought I would do or want to do. I am devastated. Cleo had urinated since she got her and although she came on in other areas and became loving and socialable, she kept weeing. The RSPCA where I volunteer said that we had to face that if she was doing it she was stressed and it was not fair on her or the others to keep her. I totally broke down and could not face it but we had to do it for her. They found her a home with a lady who had taken early retirement and she seems very happy. I am still devastated!
    16. MoggyBaby
      Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh New Album............................

      *The Homer Simpson glazed look of joy sets across MB's face............................* :D
    17. MoggyBaby
      In one of those weird twists of fate, I had just started to get right into them a couple of months prior to the release of AI. I was in a record shop and they were playing 'Warning'. After about 3 songs, I decided I was buying this brilliant album - whoever is was - and that was me. Totally hooked. AI just blew my socks off when it came out.

      And their live gigs................ OMG!!!!!! Out of this world!!!!! Amongst the best live acts I've ever seen!!! :eek:
    18. MoggyBaby
      SNAP!!!!! :D

      Currently playing AI. When I get a new album, I will play it silly and then one day I'll just think "Och, had enough of that now, wanna listen to sumfink else.... Ah yes, Green Day will do nicely............" :D

      They only get a breather when a new album gets loaded onto the MP3 and that isin't usually for very long either. I do love all their stuff though and OH has been told that I want "Time of your Life" played at my funeral. :D
    19. MoggyBaby
      I just lurve Green Day. :D
    20. MoggyBaby
      Liking the Green Day lyric in your sig. :D

      Nice one!!!! :thumbup1:
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    August 23
    Madison, WI, USA


    Dogs: Ragnar, Kelso, and Daisy Cats: Gwennie, Jezebel, Blake, Chaucer, Molly and Milton
    ...and Bingo the African Grey parrot
    Waiting at the Bridge: Aber: 27/3/00-19/7/13; Pippin: 1/6/08-17/5/11; Freja: 11/8/10-30/10/10; Kirby: 11/8/10-1/11/10; Henry: 11/8/00-27/12/15 ; Ellie: 11/8/00-15/2/16

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