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Sep 4, 2019
Nov 25, 2008
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Apr 9, 1968 (Age: 53)
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Nottingham (UK)
Graphic designer.

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PetForums VIP, 53, from Nottingham (UK)

Cyberfyn was last seen:
Sep 4, 2019
    1. LucyLastic88
      Huge LOL at your avatar pic! He/she isn't happy LOL
    2. ukdave
      :D I love the breed maine coon. <3 I also have a siberian
    3. Cyberfyn
      Hi. Yes, he's a Coonie. He'll be three in September, so not yet full grown :-)
    4. ukdave
      Dexter was so cute in the thread photos. What breed is he? Is he a
      Maine coon? Because I have a maine coon too.
    5. missye87
      Love the pics of Dexter you uploaded to the pic thread! :D x
    6. Cyberfyn
      Lol. Franklin sounds like our Honey. She smashed open the catflap to get out!
    7. missye87
      Franklin, our MC who passed away, was an outdoor cat. You couldn't keep him indoors, he found all sorts of ways to get out! We live now on a busy fairly busy street in London, and I don't trust the kids or some of the people in our area, so won't be letting our MC's out apart from on a harness, or when we can be completely confident the garden is MC secure! xx
    8. Kiwi
      Hi Cyberfyn. Just popped in to say hello and have a nosey of your pics (family one are fab :) are there more pics of Sammy and Dexter anywhere?) I always enjoy reading your posts because as an 'outdoor' cat person, I share your views on the subject.

      Just noticed - we share the same birthday too!! Although I have 5 yrs on you ;)

      Have a lovely weekend with your girls! xx
    9. SuzannePetPhotographer
      Thanks for replying to my thread
      Why is a Ashera so expencive?
      Also you know Pedigree dogs have KC do cats have something like that?
    10. Malaguti
      Hiya, just saw your post in the 'cat died yesterday thread'. I'm dying to know how Honey's homecoming went on Friday. Even started a special thread in readiness but that will be a few pages back now and blank lol. Wld love to know how you're getting on :)
    11. Malaguti
      Re. Tigger being trouble - think you could be absolutely spot on. When I first saw his picture I thought his face looked very wilful (almost sly) Oh well, the harder I have to work for a cats affection the better I seem to like it. Best get plenty of cloths and baking soda for the potential 'urine fest' though lol. All the best for Honey's arrival later today by the way!!
      Great pics in your album...xxxx
    13. Cyberfyn
      We're in Hucknall, but my wife's family are from Mansfield (about 10miles away)
    14. lymorelynn
      Just curious from the photo you posted of back of your place - are you round Mansfield way? I'm originally from Leicestershire/Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire border so grew up visiting all round up there.
    15. Katie&Cody
      Sorry - didn't realise you had replied on here...did you no if you click view conversation under where i have posted you can reply straight to me...lol!!
      Anway wasn't ignoring ya i just forget to check back, lol!!You got much planned for this weekend...sounds like u had a lot on last weekend!! Lol
    16. Cyberfyn
      Went to the local cat show at the weekend to see Dexters breeder and new show kitten (Misty) who won her class and first! Found another Maine Coon called Something dangerous Dexter (Dex's full name is Loncoon Dynamite Dexter) Looking at motorbikes to quench my midlife crisis... Which I'm having at 40 :) How's you?
    17. Katie&Cody
      Hey hunny
      Hope youve had a good week :-)
      Have you got much planned for next week?
    18. Cyberfyn
      He's settling in a little too well! Litle bugger is a live wire :)
    19. MADCAT
      Hi, how is Dexter settling in? xx
    20. Katie&Cody
      Sorry only just replied, didn't realise you replied...was waiting for one on my profile, lol!! Im in the Torbay area. I run a letting business so if you should ever need a holiday you know who to PM lol!! Aint seen you around on here much... there is lots of new piccys of Cody on my profile... some very funny. Check em out if you like xxx
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    Apr 9, 1968 (Age: 53)
    Home Page:
    Nottingham (UK)
    Graphic designer.
    Self employed designer. Living with partner and two daughters. Plus menagerie of pets!

    Running, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Model planes and helicopters, Sleeping.


    "Always turn and look when your cat gazes behind you with that intent look in her eyes. Some day there might actually be something there." - T.S. Eliot
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