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May 23, 2011
Dec 15, 2009
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May 23, 2011
    1. Crisypisy
      Hi do you still have the head collar for sale.regards chris
      Have floated the idea to hubby but he always brushes off any attempt i make to suggest dog number 2. I wanted to get some feedback from members here first as i know a few have quite alot of dealings with Many Tears and i didnt want to ring and waste their time. Cant believe it though, she looks healthy and it doesnt mention any health problems which makes her a very rare rescue indeed
      She is a one year old Pug called Beti, owners have had a change of circumstances
      Check out Beti, what is REALLY spooky is i was talking to a member about Pugs and how i wanted one and she asked what i would call one if i had one and i said it would be a little girlie called Betty Boop lol.

      Home for www.manytears.co.uk
    5. Malmum
      I know, then it gets to a stage were our thought's/insecurities have an effect on our dogs too. One thing I have done is stop reading posts on here about dog attacks - it just makes me even more worried TBH!
      Also my kids tell me off for reading them, lol - they know how paranoid I can be with Flynn, only cos I love him sooo much.
    6. Malmum
      Thanks for the rep. People think just because you have a big dog they can handle a fight - who on earth wants to see their dog in a fight? Not me that's for sure!
    7. paşa's mummy
      paşa's mummy
      she did really well. i got lost so we were late getting there and she was a little nervious at first because all the dogs surrounded her but she was fine after about 10 mins. i just think the main thing is the socialisation cos as ull know GSD's struggle with it if it isnt done properly. i think it may get a little boring but its only 12 week lol. Akira is a lovely name, where did it come from? ive not heard any other dog called it before. :) x
    8. sketch
    9. paşa's mummy
      paşa's mummy
      she really id gorgeous. she is 21 weeks. it doesnt seem two mins since i brought her home. am taking her to puppy class tonight. its the first one i could get her in! lol
    10. Taylorbaby
      they think she is in pup just waiting for them to scan, however got alot going on here with cats and kittens and new cats so we may have to pull out till next year or later this year with there other litter, its 24/7 with the kits so need to make sure that i have the time dont want to leave pup out as im to into my trainging!
    11. paşa's mummy
      paşa's mummy
      yes they are beautiful. i love them all and i think i would probably have a house full if i could lol. i rescued a white for my mum < she cant use computers. she is the reason i got pasha. i grew up with a black and tan and she was equally gorgeous. i cant say i have noticed anything between the colours tbh. some people say whites are more timid but i personally havent found that. how old is your little angel?
    12. paşa's mummy
      paşa's mummy
      that picture is absolutely gorgeous. i love shepherds of every colour lol
    13. Taylorbaby
      thanks its a girl are getting first pick :D
      range of colours not sure what she is having but i love them all, esp seeing them at 10weeks old (the litter she has now) so i can see what they look like older, not too excited just yet!!
    14. Taylorbaby
      yes 3 or 4 when they scan her, just seen some other pups they have *melts* :D
    15. Taylorbaby
      mums been mated!!! :D
    16. Waterlily
      where ya been xx
    17. Taylorbaby
      lol will do when i hear anything!! :D :D
    18. Taylorbaby
      tis ok! :D
      emailed her and just waiting on mummy! hoping it will be soon :D
    19. Taylorbaby
      I think it works out to april-ish, we are literally just waiting on mum now!! seems like years away!
    20. Taylorbaby
      aww tahts good! :) we are on a waiting list, mum is being mated in the next week-ish!! :D
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    owner of 3 year old GSD male (ACE) & 16 week old GSD female (AKIRA)


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