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Jan 4, 2011
Feb 19, 2008
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Hailsham, South East UK
Jobseeking currently. D:

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PetForums Member, from Hailsham, South East UK

cupcake was last seen:
Jan 4, 2011
    1. Cavalierlover123
      there getting on great, there so cute!:D Just hope mom can feed them all:D x
    2. Cavalierlover123
      Thanks for the rep!! x
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    Hailsham, South East UK
    Jobseeking currently. D:
    Heyyy! I'm Lucy.

    I'm a bit pierced and sometimes have crazy hair.
    I love my animals and I got this rabbit called merlin. Hes a f***ing legend.

    I don't get dressed unless I'm going out. And you may think I'm lazy for not going to school. I really don't give two shits.

    I have my nose pierced, naval pierced, two 8mm flesh tunnels and I just got permission to get my nipples pierced, so f*ck knows if i'll ever get the guts to do that haha D:

    I'm pescetarian. Where I don't eat meat but I eat fish. I know its hypocritical but it's how I choose to live!

    I got some pretty great friends. Loud music and parties is what I'm all about. And too f***ing right me and my best friend are the first to dance ;]

    Gimme a shout if you want to learn more!

    Animals, makeup, music, boys, hair!!


    Mummy of: 4 Guinea girls, 3 Ratty boys, 1 Jack Russel, 1 Pony, 1 Tortoise, a handful of African snails, 2 Girl bunnies and their boyfriend :001_wub:
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