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May 24, 2012
May 2, 2008
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New Forest
staff nurse

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PetForums VIP, from New Forest

crofty was last seen:
May 24, 2012
    1. lynn4130
      i have a question maybe u or someone that read your page can help me with
      I have a 10 week old lionhead bunnie his name is vanilla he is tortoise(orange) he is littler than all the rest buy far and he is not the runt he is actully the 3rd born but he has this problem with eating pellets when he gets one in his mouth he has to turn his head atleast90deg to the left to get the pellet in his mouth most times dropping it first he also gets his teeth stuck on looped strings and we have to cut the strings to get him off he his fell from about 2 feet where his cage used to be ontop of another do u think he has broken his jaw or can it be something else like his teeth are to long or something

      ty for the any help u can give
    2. lynn4130
      u are so very welcome ty u for replying and adding me as a freind keep up the good work there are so many animals that need ppl like u just wish there were more and maybe there would not be so many that leave this world unloved

      your friend lynn4130
    3. lynn4130
      i so wish i could help u but i live in the usa i comend u on helping the rabbit's to find a new home and i hope that everything goes well

      godbless u for your kindness and caring heart tord the animals there are very few ppl like u in this world (i am also a big hearted animal lover i have adopted 3 lion head rabbits that turned into 8,found one a home so now there is 7,also have 4 dogs,and 3 cats,)

      good luck and godspeed
    4. Tink82
      ah, thank you for the rep :) xx
    5. lailabear
      hi, was told to visit you as you have a similar bunny to mine! Have just realised he is called a tan rabbit, i dont know if yours is the same! He/She looks slightly darker. They are lovely though :)
    6. Kammie
      Thanks for the rep again :D
    7. Kammie
      Thanks for the rep!
      So sorry to hear about the two cats you lost. :( ......It just goes to show because we all assume that these things are less likely to happen if you live in the countryside...clearly this was not the case for you. It does make you more protective in the future doesn't it?....or rather over protective in my case...lol...But at the end of the day we are just trying to keep them safe and well. Your cats will love you even more when they get the cat run....lol..Hope all is well with you...xxxx ;) :D
      Ive always fancied the idea of a cat run, especially as Freedom is now an indoor cat since his brother Whisper died. I feel guilty for keeping him indoors sometimes and think a cat run is a great compromise. Best of both worlds, so to speak. Thank you for your comment on Freedom....he will always be a cutie to me and he is spoilt rotten...lol...You must have your hands full with all your pets, although they are definitely worth it...xxxx ;) :D
      Your pets in your signature are lovely...xxxx
    11. lymorelynn
      well that's a coincidence! they'll know 'my' horses then! if I go out on a 2 hour I go round wilverly and longslade. I also used to ride at Burley Manor about 10 years ago but changed to Sims when we moved from Highcliffe. Much nicer as it is a smaller yard.
      Lynn x
    12. lymorelynn
      Hi there. just seen your horsey posts and realised you're near me! I ride over at Wotton! Not my own horse unfortunately but usually one or two at my local stables - Sims Cottage.
    13. MADCAT
      Love your signature, your pets are lovely xx
    14. u-look-like-a-hamster
      hey just thought i would say hi :)

      your pets look stunning
    15. AJ
      Oh I didn't realise you were moving, alright for some! :p I'm good, glad to have you back on board though! :D
    16. AJ
      Welcome back! Where have you been hiding? :)
    17. crofty
      I rescued joey from the rspca and saffy from a local adoption place. If you go to www.rabbitrehome.org.uk and join the forum there are loads of bunnies, if they are out of the area the guys on there will help with a bunnyrun, so people from the forum do ait of the journey each depending on where they live, its lovely :) That how i rescued the buns in trouble from that horrible guy that was on here
    18. yus99
      how did you rescue them ?
    19. yus99
      i think your right becous i looked up mini lop on google its too small,but i still realy want to know what breed saffy is becouse i like the look of that breed. anyway thanks,...
    20. crofty
      She is supposed to be a mini lop, however she has grown quite big so i think she's a cross, we rescued her as a baby so im not sure :)
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    New Forest
    staff nurse
    I've just got a job as a district nurse after working as a senior thoracic nurse for 5 years. I also work in a beautiful Hospice called Oakhaven in Lymington that I love.

    My animals, I have 2 cats Betula and Crystal, 4 rabbits Joey, Saffy, Dreamer and Tinkerbell and a hamster called Charlie. My parents have 3 cairns that are mad, and a sheltie now due to my gran going into a rest home. They also have 2 Welsh ponies Tommy my old boy who is 23 and a stallion called Prince, they are both ride and dirve. We also have 2 ponies out on loan. I mainly ride Winston for a lady, he is a black thoroughbred cross is 15'3 but rides like a apony, we have great fun nipping in and out of trees and jumping logs!

    I havent had time for a lon while but my other hobby is drawing, i used to be abit of an artist and perhaps in time i'll do it properly again!


    There are 33,000 bunnies young, middle aged, old, large and small all looking for a second chance and loving home, can you help? www.rabbitrehome.org.uk


    If tears could build a stairway, And memories a lane,
    I'd walk right up to Heaven, And bring you home again.
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