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May 24, 2012
May 2, 2008
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New Forest
staff nurse

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PetForums VIP, from New Forest

crofty was last seen:
May 24, 2012
    1. umber
      Hi crofty not sure if you remember me. Havnt been on for years. Just came on to share my devastating news about Flake andDaisy who were frcruely killed by a fox. Hope you are well whats the latest with you?
    2. Scampi16
      Hi Crofty, I saw your post about the large cage you bought off e-bay from germany. I am looking for a large cage for my hamster as i believe the one I have is a little small. I want to try and get a really good spacious one for him. Could you tell me what make the one you posted about is and an approx cost it was please. Thank you.
    3. lioness178
      Hiya, I've been reading youe posts about bonding 4 bunnies. I'm trying to bond a spayed female, Bramble, who I adopted with two of my other spayed females who have been together for 8 years! I've ordered a second hand small dog crate after reading your posts as previous bonding sessions have been unsuccessful. I'm wonder where you got your corner litter tray from as it looks a fab size and also the cage I've bought is a 24" wide one, for a small dog so i presume this size is ok looking at your pictures. Would you mind confirming though? Also is it safe to wash bunnies as I put this across to a rescue place (where I got Bramble from) and she thought that it was unsafe? Many thanks for your time. Suzanne
    4. frags
      At least the life you gave him was a fantastic life. He will be doing all those binkies big time now x
    5. frags
      So sorry about dreamer :( what happened huni?
    6. noushka05
      thanks for the rep:) wot a numpty hey:rolleyes:
    7. Aurelia
      Just popping by to say ... I like you :D Reading some of your posts tonight ... we share very similar views on animal welfare. Wishing you luck in the coming months xxxx
    8. srhdufe
      Thanks hun. Was just being nosey :lol:

      Trying to work out what to house my lot in when i bond them all :eek6:
    9. srhdufe
      Hey hun. Hope your well :)

      What size shed is it that you have? I cant remember and cant find the thread about it :o
    10. Paws&Claws
      love the youtube video on ur signature, very creative :) xx
    11. noushka05
      thanks for the rep:)
    12. Paws&Claws
      I figured it out! Its Sunny (male) humping Hunny (female) and shes the one making the noise. I think shes annoyed because yesterday she was the top bunny and humping him lol x
    13. Paws&Claws
      Okay thanks, Ive heard one grunting situation since 8pm, so i think its calming down. Im not sure if its the male or female thats doing it though :confused: x
    14. Paws&Claws
      Hunny & Sunny keep trying to hump each other (i presume a domience thing) but theyve started making a noise when they do it? :confused: like a grunting noise? Do you have any idea what that is? x
    15. Paws&Claws
      Yey! :D I bought a new blanket yesterday and ive got a half duvet that non of the bunnies have been on. Ill get a spare water bottle today and the hay and straw is ready to go :D I bought some ear/eye grooming wipes which i think will be ok for the de-senting but i might bob to pets at home today to get some proper grooming wipes!

      All bunnies are having a bath and a groom in the morning and bonding will start at 8:30am spot on! :D x

    16. Paws&Claws
      Yes i have the tray but i had just cleaned it with vinegar and didnt want it to smell of Bebe :D Ive let hunny&sunny out in there room and left Bebes cage door open so they can get abit of a smell of her cage. Bebe is in the living room with me sat watching tv :o thought that might help?

      Im thinking of moving Bebes grooming appointment forward so bonding isnt disrupted :D
      Btw, before i put them together do i give them a good wipe/groom with grooming wipes? where can i can them from? Ooo! and what should i put in there cage when they are in there? Water bottle and some bedding? Sorry to ask so many questions but ur bonding seems to be going really well so you know what ur doings :D x
    17. Paws&Claws
      Okay :D Im sure the groomers will understand!

      TDM just dropped the cage off and ive given it a good scrub with vinegar its a 30" one but is it too big to bond my 1 lop and 2 dwarfs? I think it should be okay but i wanted to check :D Here is Bebe (the lop biggest bunny) modelling the cage :lol:



      what do u think? :confused: x
    18. Paws&Claws
      Hi Crofty :)
      Hoping to start bonding this weekend! I had a question to ask though.. Bebe goes to the groomers every 2 months. If i bond them (and it goes well) if i take Bebe away for a morning and put her back with the other 2 bunnies would they forget her and ill have to start over? :confused: sorry im being a dence person but i just wanted to ask :o x
    19. Enrique
      Hello. I am thinking of buying a similar wooden cage like the one you have. A slightly bigger one actually because it would be for Guinea Pigs. My only concern is if the wood will rotten with the animal's pee. I think the floor on this cage has some kind of protection but if they decide to establish the toilet on one of the platforms... Have you had any problems?
      Many thanks
    20. srhdufe
      Thanks for my rep :D xx
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    New Forest
    staff nurse
    I've just got a job as a district nurse after working as a senior thoracic nurse for 5 years. I also work in a beautiful Hospice called Oakhaven in Lymington that I love.

    My animals, I have 2 cats Betula and Crystal, 4 rabbits Joey, Saffy, Dreamer and Tinkerbell and a hamster called Charlie. My parents have 3 cairns that are mad, and a sheltie now due to my gran going into a rest home. They also have 2 Welsh ponies Tommy my old boy who is 23 and a stallion called Prince, they are both ride and dirve. We also have 2 ponies out on loan. I mainly ride Winston for a lady, he is a black thoroughbred cross is 15'3 but rides like a apony, we have great fun nipping in and out of trees and jumping logs!

    I havent had time for a lon while but my other hobby is drawing, i used to be abit of an artist and perhaps in time i'll do it properly again!


    There are 33,000 bunnies young, middle aged, old, large and small all looking for a second chance and loving home, can you help? www.rabbitrehome.org.uk


    If tears could build a stairway, And memories a lane,
    I'd walk right up to Heaven, And bring you home again.
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