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Mar 5, 2017
Aug 13, 2011
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Highlands Scotland

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PetForums Member, from Highlands Scotland

crazydogs was last seen:
Mar 5, 2017
    1. Nljok666
      Ok thank you for your reply x
    2. crazydogs
      Hi Nljok666 i have just checked and premium account has expired sorry.
      Maybe pop a post in general chat to check if anybody else has one :-) x
    3. Nljok666
      Hi im very sorry for disturbing you i was just wondering if you still have a preloved premium there is something i would like to get the number for but cant upgrade to premium until i get paid hope it is ok to ask x
    4. lola belle
      lola belle
      Thank you, the Chi in the pic is an absolute little charmer.....yes, same here, the little ones are in charge!!! What colours do you have and what are your other dogs?? My Chi are enjoying the nicer weather, love lying outside in the sunshine.
    5. lola belle
      lola belle
      Hi, do you have Chihuahua dogs by any chance ? We do, along with some others, the Chi are the stars of the show though !
    6. kelly-joy
      So sorry to hear that:( if you see any more just email me the link or pm it for me as I don't get a message saying I have visitor messages for some reason and I am often too busy to come on and check everyday sadly:( best to email me at [email protected] or you can email us at [email protected] which a few of the team can answer or go to our site at Animal Lifeline UK .

      Best wishes Kelly-joy and The Animal Lifeline UK Team:)

      Animal Lifeline UK: Helping Rescues with Homechecking, Fostering, Transport, Fundraising, Rehoming and more!
    7. kelly-joy
      Hi send me the link , email it to [email protected] and we will see if the owner will let us help:)
    8. Lois' owner
      Lois' owner
      Thanks very much, not sure where in Brum you are?
    9. hawksport
      Found it, approved it and bumped it up to the top for you
    10. LinznMilly
      re Found Kitten
      This is a long shot because we're in Tyne and Wear, but my mum's female kitten Cuddles went missing on 1st August. At the time she was 4 months, now probably closer to 5 months. Not sure if I'm allowed to post links, but she's listed on the AnimalSearchUK website.
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    Highlands Scotland
    my 7 dogs



    We can also be found on facebook under thehighlandhound
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