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Jun 16, 2009
Dec 14, 2008
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PetForums VIP, from Northumberland, England

crazydoglover was last seen:
Jun 16, 2009
    1. Katie&Cody
      Love the picture album 'more of the gang' you should be a photographer - they're great! What beach is it, its lovely!!!
    2. Katie&Cody
    3. suzy93074
      Hi how are you, havent seen you on for a while so just thought i wud pop by to say howdyxx
    4. pugsley Adams
      pugsley Adams
      Good Morning!xxxxx
    5. pugsley Adams
      pugsley Adams
      Good Morning!
    6. Katie&Cody
      Hey hunny
      Hope youve had a good week :-)
      Have you got much planned for next week?
    7. pugsley Adams
      pugsley Adams
      Good morning hope all is good by you![IMG]
    8. scosha37
      aww thats sucks....hopefully you be on soon....you have missed a lot..hehe i mean gossip..:D..oh and games too!!..pugs keeping me company..well see you when your back then ..tata the new! xx
    9. scosha37
      ....still no you...:(
    10. pugsley Adams
    11. scosha37
      Hi petal hope evrythings ok?? not seen you on for a bit..i miss my games buddy..;D
    12. pugsley Adams
      pugsley Adams
      Good Morning!
    13. pugsley Adams
      pugsley Adams
      good morning![IMG]
    14. mr.stitches
      Pippin just gets all fidgety....we try to get her when she is sleepy! Going to take her for a walk along the prom later, that should blow any cobwebs away!
    15. mr.stitches
      we only trim pips ears and tail, the odd little knot...but the rest of it is for the groomer. pip is like a cheeky kid - behaves for the groomer but wriggles and protests like mad when we try! will have to get her a fleece if it stays this cold or she will be a quivering naked lamb!
    16. mr.stitches
      well, pics are always nice, but some just make you feel warm and fuzzy and can portray so many feelings of how loved they are. pip will have to wait till after her next groom for beach otherwise she brings it all home with her, and shakes it out over a week or so!
    17. mr.stitches
      Just saw some of your pics on a post of yours and had to say how lovely they are! Some of the pics look like our Pippin too, they love the beach dont they! Great to see such nice pics and just wanted to let you know!
    18. Katie&Cody
      Lol!! Like them all i guess. Cody just freaks as soon as his lead is clipped on, he tried to pull out of his colour and all sorts... :( Don't know how to get him used to it...
    19. pugsley Adams
      pugsley Adams
      just a good morning to you by the time you get this, bye!
    20. pugsley Adams
      pugsley Adams
      so how are things with you, have you heard back anything yet? I know that it is going to be another week before any news is heard back but I do worry. Still here but I have been rather silly, I guess just blowing off some steam with the winter being as it is cold and not being able to get around as much as I would like to. so the silly's have gotten a hold of me, but I am still a pretty level headed person. hugs and hope to hear from you soon!
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    Long beach/country walks, Travel, Art, Dogs, Cats, ebay(!) shopping :eek:)


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