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Sep 23, 2013
Jan 1, 2009
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Sep 23, 2013
    1. SpringerHusky
      Oo very nice, i've always loved the name Zeke and haven't found a dog suited as although femaes can have it not one of my dogs ever suited zeke, but oddly seeing sarrah's new dog something about him screamed zeke to me lol
    2. SpringerHusky
      Lol cool, what you looking up names for? your new pup to come? :D
    3. SpringerHusky
      Ooo very cool, thanks..now I have to tell maya she's a god..as if she isn't already a stuck up princess dog haha, ;) that's awesome ty
    4. archielee
      More pics in breeding bit
    5. lianne86
      what have you not replied to my PM!??????
    6. carebear
      vet said shes not quite there, which is the result that i wanted, test again on saturday. im feeling really possitive that i have timed the trip right.
    7. theaudiobully
      ive done both now lol
    8. theaudiobully
      ive emptied it, not much storage is there lol
    9. theaudiobully
      Janet..? she said to ring when the litter is due and she will go from there as she doesn't know what she will be getting ridd of thats on a waiting list we want one like yours or a grey and white male dont mind about eye colour, there are so many fake breeders where'd you get yours? thanks for replying where are you from in east mids?
    10. theaudiobully
      Hiya My names Matt saw you were talking about KLEE KAI's last year on a forum I'm from Leicester and saw you were from East Mids, me and my girlf are getting a Klee Kai and just wondered if I could ask you a few questions? I signed up on this new so give me time to work it out my e-mail is theaudiobully@hotmail.com

      hope you can help me cheers
    11. Sarahnorris
      his name at the moment is Tundra, but am gonna change it to Kane or Lex... or something short and sweet, i dunno what sorta temperment he has but ill work with him and try my best. :) yeah busy but its ok, i do like to be kept busy!
    12. Sarahnorris
      yes! im rescuing a sib x mal, hes 14months old. was going to be getting PTS.
      and i couldn't see that happen! so im getting him sent from Kent to Scotland.
      will hopefully be with me about 6pm tomorrow :)
      im super excited, but i couldn't say the same for the OH! :lol:
    13. archielee
      So good had them in the garden for a bit and they loved it
    14. archielee
      She's lovely, all doing good
    15. carebear
      oooo got the keys to my shop today so we can start cleaning up and making it our own, phone going in tomorrow so exciting.
    16. Jess2308
      Im not 100% sure if its the same pup but I know went back to the breeder and has now been rehomed with my girls breeder as a show prospect. But dont know any more details unfortunately.
    17. archielee
      Hehe sorry yes
    18. archielee
      Hehehe i was counting puppies when they was leaving lol, she's good a right mummy's girl lol, i cant belive they are all going soon
    19. archielee
      They are in love with the boy but they love the girl too, she went strat up to them and sat on there lap it was so sweet
    20. archielee
      They have gone, nice family
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