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Sep 23, 2013
Jan 1, 2009
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crazybones was last seen:
Sep 23, 2013
    1. carebear
      just seen the new pics your little girl has the most fantastic eyes i have ever seen.
    2. archielee
      Some pics for you
    3. archielee
      hehehe that was what i was like with Yogi and Lyla the waiting omg Monday will soon come
    4. archielee
      lol i know its so hard waiting
    5. archielee
      Hehe i was just trying to get some but they just will not stay still lol, will keep trying tho
    6. archielee
      Cleaning up puppy poo and wee lol
    7. Tiwisanti
      I live in Chiswick in London what about yourself?
    8. Tiwisanti
      I found out about the alaskan klee keis through american websites about a year ago but never really had the space to take care of one until now. I am still looking for a pup but hey looking at everyones pictures is good enough for me. How many dogs do u have? or saw your pics i think i counted 5 they are all lovely
    9. carebear
      lol, i will give the low down another time. i hope you have a good camera i want daily pic of this babie once you get her.
    10. carebear
      bet you cant belive the time is nearly here, have you been pupppy shoping yet. i love puppy shoping.
    11. archielee
      Not long now
    12. sid&kira
      I taught her the left, right, slow, stop and on by on normal walks, just saying the word when it was needed, they pick it up pretty quick lol.

      The hike I taught by getting my OH to bike away from her and call her, then when she started running i shouted hike in a really happy voice :)
    13. archielee
      Hehehe no no no again lol, i know its so hard the waiting but she will be with you soon lol
    14. carebear
      got the result i wanted (put her to the stud in the next 24 - 48 hours. planned the trip perfect. so pleased. will be on my way in an hour or so i will speak to you tuesday when im back.
    15. archielee
      What a bum, you will have some time off work soon
    16. archielee
      Puppies always get me up this time lol, why you up
    17. Sarahnorris
      yeah its a nice mean, although strengthens... maybe strengthens my arm muscles with all the pulling!
    18. SpringerHusky
      lol quite true, It is a major pain. I wish Rusty's owners had him snipped but ah well we'll get around to it eventually lol
    19. SpringerHusky
      I'll have to go see pics, I haven't seen 'em since birth. What made you pic another girl then?
    20. SpringerHusky
      Lol cool, i like the name Loki. How long till you get your pup? must be exciting, i'll have to wait ages for mine I still have Rusty to train up before I can ever get another dog.
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