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Sep 23, 2013
Jan 1, 2009
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Sep 23, 2013
    1. carebear
      how is kya taking to her new sister, now that she has settled in ?
    2. carebear
      love the pickys, looks like she has settled in nicely, My big day tomorrow opening my shop, it looks really good, really picced off mind another groomers has opened up half mile down the road, but there salon looks really tacky, eveything from floor to celing is bright pink, eeeewwww. my shop looks really classy, well i think so. never mind a bit of competition is healthy, so everyone keeps telling me. lol
    3. lianne86
      oi..i pm'd you! :)
    4. archielee
      She not doing to bad with the toilet training is she good girl

      About 4 weeks before she comes into season she will not settle, she will go to laydown and then get up she will do this all day, she will sit shaking like she is in pain, she has done this before coming into all of her season i fill so sorry for her but it goes in a day or too
    5. archielee
      Did they get you up last night? Lyla is doing that shaking thing i bet she comes into season in the next 4 to 6 weeks
    6. carebear
      Wheres the pics ?
    7. archielee
      russian terriers is what she has, if you remember what we was talking about lol
    8. lianne86
      im on lunch call me :)
    9. archielee
      Hows she doing has she settled in yet, give her a big kiss from me
    10. carebear
      cant belive the wait is over, now the begins what does kya think ? tia is fine.
    11. carebear
      are you home yet, how is she. ?
    12. pommum
      Is that the one off Leanne? her pups are so cute, I still want one but can't at the moment plus her pups arn't going to stay small enough for me, my oldies wouldn't cope with any breed bigger than them at the moment.
      I look forward to picci's when you get her.
      take care xx
    13. archielee
      Not long to go lol
    14. pommum
      Hi Ben,
      Yeah I'm ok just don't get on here much any more to many other priorities these days.
      Hope your ok and you know you can always ping me on FB.
      take care and say hi to Lianne for me please.
      Take care xx
    15. carebear
      tomorrows the big big day, really excited for you,
    16. Tanya1989
      Lol... its driving me mad I'm normally about 88 words per min now I'm about 12 :(
    17. archielee
    18. archielee
      Only 2 more days to go
    19. carebear
      royal canine, but sometime i have to sit there with her and hand feed her, if she refuses to eat i try nature diet, i have tryed everything in the past, its almost like she gets board of her food, she looks really good at the moment tho got a bit of weight on her.
    20. carebear
      she is good, its just nice to watch her eat at the moment she has her appitite back, for now.
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