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Sep 23, 2013
Jan 1, 2009
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Sep 23, 2013
    1. carebear
      we are pregnant. :-). can see 3 babies. really happy.
    2. carebear
      yes will be nice to know, either way, how are your two doing? down the gower at the mo visiting my parents, the pigs are twice the size they were last time i saw them. they are lush.
    3. carebear
      10.30 in the morning, and i shall know for sure, at least then i can hopefully start getting excited, been really good not thinking about it to much, still no signs, oooooooo
    4. pamela Renfrew
      pamela Renfrew
      Hi there. I am new to this forum.... so hope that you get this ?? Is the dog on your profile picture a Klee Kai ? ? ? ? I am desperately trying to source a breeder of these gorgeous wee doggies..... I have had German Shepherds for many years and also have an Alaskan Malamute..... and feel that it is the time to downsize !!!!! A little cutey to cuddle !!!! As I said I am new to this so not too sure how to check where you are... Hope you can help ? Kind Regards Pamela
    5. pika
      lol, oh thanks for the tip I'll start doing that! I always loose threads!

      Ohh looks like fun, once you and your dogs find a rhythm you should do that down by a beach (it looks cool), nice sea breeze flying by those around you!
    6. carebear
      your on your own with that rollerblading s**t, seen your youtube clip and think not. lol
    7. pika
      Haha good idea!! I'll drag some friend along with me to learn as well so I don't look like a lonely idiot who can't rollerblade lol!!

      The forum is a great help, I'm having lots of fun chatting with other dog owners, though navigating my way around still confuses me (I get lost getting back to forums a lot).
    8. pika
      Wonderful, I think I will go buy some rollerblades this weekend, you've inspired me to give it a go! I'm going to practice in the safety of my home before embarrassing myself in public lol
    9. pika
      Great, haha I should give it go, I gave up as a kid because I kept falling over, hopefully this time I have a little more patience!! Hope your little one gets the hang of pulling you on rollerblades, your going to have a fantastic time travelling by dog a wheels lol!! Sorry I just realised how to reply properly (still new to the site)
    10. carebear
      tia is good no signs, probably for the best. never mind monday will tell. must be patient.
      there is a fate and a fun dog show in my (oops) local park on the 3rd july so i have offered a wash and blow dry for the dog that comes in 1st place. and i get a stall next to the ring so i can do a bit of advertising, should drum up a bit of business.
    11. carebear
      nice to see we have a new akk soon be owner on here. how are you and those little rascles doing.
    12. carebear
      work going really well, actually took a wage this week :-) me tula on saturday she called in at my work, she is so dainty and so different to tia, she was lovely. tia is good got her scan a week on monday. fingers crossed.
    13. archielee
      No sorry i will this weekend tho
    14. archielee
      Got a new thread up have a look
    15. Terrier Fan
      Terrier Fan
      Not at all, your welcome.

      I have decided to bite my tongue on a lot of the threads at the moment. But i completely agreed with everything that you said.
    16. mr-lurcher
      all right m8 how u. i have some rabbits last night with the boys
    17. Jem29
      I will be honest I don't get much time over the last 9 months to play with them or take them out, so my husband does all the walking and all the time he can give them but now his hours are longer and he has to work away they do not get the time they deserve.

      I am struggling having 2 dogs around the house and 3 children. Just due to my health issues and the stress and anxiety I am suffering since my loss. I cannot cope with the 2 dogs now.

      Circumstances change, these things are not planned and I love my dogs dearly, id never want to rehome them but right now I am not sure what I can do to change things given my circumstances and ill health.
    18. Jem29
      Yes I do want to do all I can to resolve this if i can, I would hate to see Fudge go:-(
    19. alaun
      Thanks for friend request. I really need my bed - work tomorrow boo hoo - I've enjoyed being at home over half term!
    20. carebear
      the first weekend went really well, very quiet but its half term and with the weather i think alot of people went away, we have set weekly targets of what we need to put away to cover the bills and we hit our target so im happy. the shop looks really good, and im really happy with the lay out it worked so well. how is everyone your end ?
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