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Sep 13, 2015
Jun 28, 2010
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self employed

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PetForums VIP, Female, from Dumfries

cravensmum was last seen:
Sep 13, 2015
    1. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi thank you re like, hope you and yours are well, f.b.l.
    2. delca1
      Hello, I was wondering, do you do the liquorice allsort collar as a half check? I saw it on fb, and really fancy one but I want to try Indie on this type.
    3. Dogless
      Oh no; I am so, so sorry - I hadn't intended to upset you.
    4. Dogless
      Thanks for the rep - I always do give you a thought as I know how much you love the mountains. Bloody creaking knees 'eh? xx
    5. BlondeUnicorn
      Love your Christmas collars, do they come in different sizes as my dog is only little?
    6. metaldog
      Thanks for the rep. I'm made up that you picked one of my name suggestions. How is the gorgeous Bodhi today? :)
    7. lipsthefish
      How did I miss that you have a foster doggy :eek: :D
    8. DKDREAM
      Thanks for the like, its an amazing feeling really helping him get back home.
    9. Angie2011
      Hiya hun :) is it poss you could have a look at my pooches size's (on the you're harness thread) just to give me a rough guess as to what size. as you have used them, so know roughly how they fit! PWEEZZZ!! :) Hope you and the boys are doing well hun.x
    10. simplysardonic
      Thanks for doing the lovely 2012 tributes thread, it's made me well up a few times today :o this time last year I never thought we'd lose our Gem, makes you realise how precious our dogs are & how fleeting their time with us is
    11. AmberNero
      I've only just got back, we picked up Pix on the way and put her new collar straight on, and it is absolutely perfect, wonderful fit, brilliant width, strong, pretty, secure- just excellent, I have taken some photos and will upload asap- thank you so much again! xxxxxxxx :001_wub:
    12. AmberNero
      I am such a wally :o payment sent! :) xx
    13. AmberNero
      ooh, can I just double check- at the end of the email is it definitley whit, not white?
    14. AmberNero
      :) It really is lovely!
    15. AmberNero
      Oooohhhhhhh craaaavennnnnnnnssssssmuuuuum...

      It's HERE! And it's amazing! I'm off to pick Pixie up from the vets in a mo, so will post photo's later- have only had half an hour at home today! aaaargh! But it is lovely, and really suits him, so thank you!
    16. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      glad you had 2 nice holidays. ah well we can't have good weather all the time i suppose, lol. my friends live in Skye and theyv'e been having good weather over the past 5-6 weeks believe it or not. theyv'e managed to have some great barbies and can't remember the last time it stayed as nice for as long. they said theyr'e piggies are missing the mud, theyv'e got to hose the ground at the moment. anyhoo glad you had a nice break. ttfn
    17. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi, haven't been on pf for a wee while as my pc had a virus!! just wanted to ask how you all enjoyed your trip to loch lomond? did the weather stay sunny for you? hope doggies enjoyed theyr'e trip too. ttfn
    18. WarDoll
      I hope you don't mind but after I grey scaled the picture of Craven, I decided it was a perfect picture for me to draw, I do my art on an app and have started drawing him! If it's not ok, I understand x
    19. Labrador Laura
      Labrador Laura
      Thank you for the rep :)
    20. vickieb
      Hullo there :0) I have had a nosey on your blog :biggrin: as I know you live in the Dumf area. I see you have done a walk on the Mennock Pass (Leadhills?)

      how is this for dogs? I know there is a road but its always quite when I drive it...... :D
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    Home Page:
    self employed
    I was born in Cumbria and I have lived all over the north of England and Scotland with my job.
    As a family we always had dogs ranging from a Great Dane down to a Yorkshire terrier,but my favourite were the Beagles.
    I have only had 4 dogs myself,a Lurcher,Stripe who I lost in Feb 2010 aged 13,I now have a foxhound called Craven who was a private rehome and will be 2 in March 2011.I also have a cat called Cat.In September 2011 I added a rescue dog,Flint approx 5 year old Foxhound cross.In July 2013 a new addition Bodhi a Romanian rescue joined us.

    Walking,Camping & photography.
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