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Sep 5, 2013
Oct 24, 2012
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United States

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PetForums Junior, from United States

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Sep 5, 2013
    1. Space Chick
      Space Chick
      Thanks for the rep :D
    2. Rolacolacube
      Of course you can ask me lol. We had a deal that I would pick him a photo and he had to have it as an avatar for 24 hours :D Yes, he seems like a good guy. He seems very intelligent and helps me when i'm having a down day :) xx
    3. Rolacolacube
      Well atleast he is ok and that he managed to go and see his daughter. Thank you again for letting me know. I hope that's the last bit of bad news they get now!! They've had enough :( :( xx
    4. Rolacolacube
      Oh my God. He was only saying today that with Christy being unwell and with his son bumping into his car that bad things happen in 3's. He really is going through it at the moment. I'm so pleased he is alright though. Thank you for the message. Hope we get to talk more at some point :) :) xx
    5. Rolacolacube
      Huge thanks for the rep - sorry for the delay :) :) xx
    6. K9Steve
      Isn't though! :laugh:
    7. colliemerles
      thank you for your kind comments, x
    8. K9Steve
      Hey, you know me, Cathy, I'm a talker and that's forums are for! :D
    9. K9Steve
      That sounds great, CoolDog! By the way, I have to apologize for not coming online, but I didn't get home until 45 minutes ago, then I had to take the dogs for a walk/run. Hopefully, we can catch one another here on the forum!:thumbup1:
    10. K9Steve
      Hey CoolDog, welcome aboard! I haven't heard from you for awhile, but hopefully soon, we can get together for lunch? By the way, interesting colors for your profile! School colors?
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    United States
    *Married with three children
    *Works full-time as a foreperson for a company
    *Volunteers at local animal shelter/rescue

    *Training Dogs
    *Being with and working with animals
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