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Mar 15, 2015
Oct 11, 2008
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Western Canada

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PetForums VIP, from Western Canada

comfortcreature was last seen:
Mar 15, 2015
    1. canuckjill
      hope your ok up there with the train derailment hun...
    2. Malmum
      Best get screen shotting cos I'd wager this thread will be taken off soon, as they always do when a bull breed is questioned. Hypocritical lot they are! :-(
    3. Goblin
      Thanks for the rep.
    4. missnaomi
      Thanks for my rep - really kind of you :) xxx
    5. Booties
      Thank you kindly for the rep!
      Being lazy and immature pays off! :D x
    6. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      just popped by to say a quick hello. i have a blue lurcher 8 years old in feb 2013. take a look at my albums to see him, he's a beauty even if i do say so myself, lol. he's never hunted always has been a pet. ttfn
    7. comfortcreature
      I had forgotten that one!

      Nice hearing from you . . . and looking forward to your post.

    8. Nightmare
      I don't know if you remember this thread. I come in on the second page:


      Misreading a web site and not owning up to it, not understanding how pedigrees work in COO dogs and then refusing to accept SOP, which is to assume that founders are unrelated (and which is done using a pedigree program to calculate COI for any breed), misreading a pedigree, not understanding that a cross-breeding always a COI of 0%, not understanding population genetics (breed for a lower COI than the parents, breed for a lower COI than the breed average), etc.

      For the record, I never did that Azawakh breeding, due to health issues coming up in related dogs, and no market for Azawakh pups.

      I will likely post, against my better judgement, to the current PDE thread about what an out cross-breeder actually goes through, later today.

    9. DKDREAM
      Thanks for your reply on my thread it was really interesting and educational.
    10. canuckjill
      Hey CC how's your weather up north now? Down south more rain and wind but no hail...Thank goodness
    11. Kiwi
      Blimey. I shall be looking for something stronger than pet-corrector :( Although I'd much prefer for us to get tough on irresponsible owner and/or licensing. Good luck with the receovery of your babes x
    12. Kiwi
      The attacks on your dogs sound awful :( I am dreading something similar happening to us - Boo is such a loving and submissive dog. It is very scary. 'Hope all yours are ok now xx
    13. swarthy
      I've put copies of the KC Certificates up on the thread about ages of having litters ;)
    14. canuckjill
      Sorry CC didn't see your question about the colour of the parents the mom is what I would call a tri colour and dad was a shaded sable . (don't know the right colour talk for chis this is collie talk). You are also correct the B&W does have tri markings on the face , she has now also got some brown on her paws just flecks and her white hairs have black underneath would that be silver? or just shaded? kinda neat anyways....Jill
    15. DKDREAM
      Hiya how are you doing?
    16. GillyR
      Thats good !!! xxx
    17. DKDREAM
      Thanks so much for ansewing my question. would you mind if I sent you a pm when i next have some questions?
    18. GillyR
      Not seen you around for a while. Are you ok??xx
    19. canuckjill
      Hi I'm from Southern Alberta welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy yourself here...Jill
    20. I<3Snakes
      Hi! I noced you are new! I am too so I decided to drop you a line!
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    Western Canada
    Human and canine genetics, necessitated by familial diseases and transferred to dogs as they are my love.

    Happen to love dogs and everything about dogs. Have owned only drop offs and rescues in the past (9 with one elderly remaining). Have considered getting involved in the show world and breeding and have had mentors in the past.
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