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May 12, 2016
Oct 20, 2008
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Essex, UK
Ex riding instructor, not working since having kid

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PetForums VIP, from Essex, UK

Colliepoodle was last seen:
May 12, 2016
    1. RobD-BCactive
      Hey you just have to see this clip, Whizzy & Richard Curtis at Andy Nickless's YouTube - Border Collie x Poodle Sheepdog Training Cadoodle Herding Sheep with Richard Curtis
    2. Eroswoof
      I just tried to rep you for the comment I 'liked' you for but I've run out :glare: I wont forget to do it though. It made me laugh very loudly at stupid a.m. in a flat with thin walls :lol:

    3. Colliepoodle
      Dominance enthusiasts/Cesar fans always tend to foam at the mouth at the slightest provocation, have you noticed? It's like a certain type of person (prone to temper tantrums/foul language/insults etc) is more likely to follow the more confrontational training methodology. Which is why sadly, they generally aren't likely to see the light and change their ideas. Their chosen training method is too bound up with who they are.
    4. leashedForLife
      happily accepted - thank U very kindly. :)
      wow, that Delir[ious] was a trip, wasn't he? :lol:
      i think it was ? jim? conklin? something like that, j-c-online, he advertised himself on the 'dog-training/Leicester area' thread with a link to his website; someone looked at it, and reported he was a CM-wannabe, at which he took umbrage -
      yeesh, dragging God and Mengele-MD into the same post?! yow. [glad he's banned - at least in that incarnation; the mods did that while i was at the grocery store.]
      - t
    5. leashedForLife
      i am not allowed to rep U -Now-, but i OWE ya! :thumbup: brilliant post re dogs distracted by environs, dogs, etc.
    6. leashedForLife
      on the thread "oh, dear" by Sparkle and on the thread i began,
      "my dog is a ___...", several people are saying that No-One can
      have a valid opinion about a BREED that they have never owned -
      this seems really silly to me; do U limit Ur opinions to breeds U have
      owned? :huh: imagine what a short Life-list trainers would have! :lol:
    7. DogLover1981
      How are your mutts doing? Which one is in your avatar? That is a really cute picture. :)
    8. leashedForLife
      thanks for the compliment, hun -
      i still manage to find other folks to rep :lol: i don;t feel entirely alone :D L-Dogwalker, caroH, MerlsMum, tripod, katieF, (of course U!) and many others, including some APOs who have learned the hard-way that confrontational-training is damaging - one lady whose name escapes me, her GSD has never been the same after she told him off for something when he was 7 or 8-MO. :( sassy? susi? darn - i can;t think. he was a real cuddle-monster, and now hes a very loyal but cool and restrained dog. ouch.
      --- t
    9. leashedForLife
      i don;t think *daggre is getting the back-chain concept :D the link i posted for Aussie-k9-events is a links PAGE, of all pos-R protocols for teaching + proofing retrieve or scent-work... betcha s/he has not even opened the link.
      well, darn - equines + bodies of water :rolleyes: :laugh:
      --- t
    10. DogLover1981
      How are Boo and Jess? Like the really cute avatar.
    11. leashedForLife
      oh, good! :D always leave em wanting more, thats good to know -
      it can be very hard to tell ones own emotional-scale in the written word, without all that body-parl, etc. i know what i mean (literally + in what emotions i hope to conjure), and hence am poor at judging if i got there.

      thanks for the cross-check,
      --- terry
    12. leashedForLife
      do ya think i was too harsh, Pooh? :confused1: about the tuff-love #@%! ?
    13. leashedForLife
      thanks, hun! :)
      i hope she gets hubby to stop blaming the poor dog; my word, off the streets as an adult + into an active household with children is a bit of heavy change! :eek:
      good thing he;s hers, not mine :D i;d be correcting the hubby + telling the kid off for waking a sleeping-dog :lol: i always get that wrong... :rolleyes:
      - t
    14. leashedForLife
      yer very welcome, i;m sure, hun! ;)
      it was such a good post, it seemed a real shame to let it drown...
      i was happy the mods said yes! :)
    15. lemmsy
      Hiya- not bad at all thank you. Had a lovely new years break in Snowdonia, Wales :) Was snowing heaps there ( a good 8 inches) but we didn't expect it to snow down south too.
      The dog is enjoying the snow, even if it's getting a little chilly for us humans!
    16. lemmsy
      Hiya Colliepoodle
      How are you?

      Hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year?
    17. Corinthian
      "The language barrier perhaps?" --- funny stuff. :)
    18. Rick
      I have started a site at MASTER debater • Index page , I wondered if you might want to start a topic or 2 over there. I know you are passionate about certain matters!
    19. FriendlyGinger
      I used to be in Thurrock but have now moved to Somerset. I saw a client's terrier poodle today, she has such a lovely coat. They said they have to trim it or it turns into a fro!
    20. FriendlyGinger
      Hey, saw that you were from Essex, I moved from there to Somerset in June. Nice to see a name that remind me of home :o) And you are horsey involved. Where abouts did u used to teach? Jane
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    Essex, UK
    Ex riding instructor, not working since having kid
    SAHM with two littlies, a partner and two dogs, both BC/Poodle crosses. Mother and daughter although I didn't breed them; I got a BOGOF when I got the pup.

    Animals, dog training, Comp Obedience, reading
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