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Oct 17, 2019
Nov 2, 2007
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October 20
in a world of my own..

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PetForums VIP, Female, from in a world of my own..

colliemerles was last seen:
Oct 17, 2019
    1. FeelTheBern
      How have you managed to survive on this forum for 10 years?
    2. FeelTheBern
      You look a tad bit squiffy in your profile picture.
      1. hamzama and colliemerles like this.
    3. FeelTheBern
    4. Oldgamer
      I hope you get sorted, and feel better soon
    5. danielled
      How are you.
    6. vivien
      Hi not seen you around for a while so I just popped in to say hello and how are you xxx
    7. newfiesmum
      Thanks. At my age, best forgotten I think!
    8. lymorelynn
      Thank you for the rep :)
    9. bordie
      happy birthdayxxxxx
    10. danielled
      He's cut his nose thankfully it's a tiny cut.
    11. danielled
      How are you. Buddy has done himself an injury.
    12. PetloverJo
      Hi Hun. I hope you are ok? I not seen you on for awhile. xxx
    13. Jenny1966
      Thank you :)
    14. ellsbells0123
      Thanks you xxx Working today and getting Chester ready for his show tonight xxx
      1. petCman likes this.
    15. Fleur
      Thank you for my Birthday Wishes - Treated me and my Daughter to Birthday Chinese Take-a-Way x
      1. petCman likes this.
    16. slartibartfast
      Hi. Are you reding something good and paranormal right now? I've just found my Sergey Lukyanienko series, "Night Watch", "Day Watch"(I was looking for some books in my library, two full bookcases and piles of books on the top of the closet...) They're great, maybe you've seen the movie "Night watch" by Timur Bekmambetow? It's nothing like the book, it is crap compared. I really, really recomend that books to you. I've also watched movie "Day watch" but my copy was in Russian, I understand a little of Russian, not much, but that movie was also crap. I think you can find English translation of Lukyanyenko books, I don't want you to miss that great paranormal stuff. Don't watch the movies, read the books. Can you recomend something to read/watch for me?
    17. slartibartfast
      I thought "Sinister" was James Wan's, but it's actually Scott Derrickson's. You really should watch it, it's so creepy. Another great movie I've watched recently was "V/H/S 2". I like old Stephen King and "Dark Tower" series but I prefer Clive Barker. Now I'm reading again Brian Lumley "Necroscope" series. And always keeping my H.P.Lovecrafts close, for emergency inspiration.
    18. slartibartfast
      Thanks for reply. I write bizarro, it's a kind of horror. The best definition of that kind of literature I've found in one story: "Bizarro is when you write about the first stupid thing that comes to your head and someone read it and say "O, f..k!". It can be paranormal, can be gory, always is strange. My last story, which I'm currently rewriting for publication is about a werecat avenging the crimes people commited to cats. There are paranormal elements and witches using smartphones instead of wands (new era of magic...). There's also Ceberus, the three-headed cat, Guardian of the Underworld...And I'm working on a book "Alice in Drunkland", with vampires, witches, talking cats, white mice from Delirium...
      Maybe one day, when my English gets better, I will translate some of my stories.
      I'm reading and watching lot of paranormal stuff. Have you seen James Wan "Sinister"? Great movie, very creepy. And "Conjuring"?
      I have more books than cat toys!
      What is your favourite book? And movie?
    19. DKDREAM
      Thanks I did :) I got a new lens for my camera :) will be able to get pics tomorrow. How are you and yours x
    20. laura1982
      That's that settled - I need to try and find my own little Polar Bear haha. Will have a nose :-)
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    October 20
    in a world of my own..
    love all animals, also love reading. Things to do with the paranormal interest me.


    Some people think I say inappropriate things, I prefer to think of it as being honest.
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