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Jul 6, 2018
Dec 14, 2011
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PetForums VIP, Female, from Surrey

CockersIndie was last seen:
Jul 6, 2018
    1. danielled
      How are you.
    2. danielled
      Did you hear about the arson attack on manchester dogs home.
    3. danielled
      How are you and Indie.
    4. danielled
      How are you.
    5. danielled
      The pantngis on it's way to you. Sent it on it's way today. First class so hoping it arrives soon. You are welcme to post a pic of it when you get it.
    6. danielled
      Yo are verywelcome.
    7. danielled
      I'll let you kniw when it 's on it's way, it's big by the way.
    8. danielled
      I will hopefully be able to post the painting of Indie to you on thursday. I 'll let you know.
    9. cashewnut
      I've just joined, under name of LunaBear :)
    10. Dianne58
      Hi can you tell me do you ever go on Cockers on line ??
    11. springerpete
      Thanks for the 'Rep' Much appreciated. Pete.
    12. Leannieb
      My email address is leannabeament17@yahoo.com if easier to email me thanks
    13. Leannieb
      Hey hope u remember me! I really need some advice. I went to view some cocker spaniel pups today. Was very happy with them and they parents were lovely. I picked a little boy and put £100 deposit down. When I got home my OH asked me if I had asked wether they parents were related which I hadn't it was a bit hectic as took my two young boys with us. I contacted her when I got home and she said that she had bred both the parents and that they have the same grandad. She said this is their first litter. I'm really confused now as I put £100 deposit down. . She is a KC assured registered breeder. She was lovely as well but now I'm really confused. Thanks
    14. PoppynPals
      I worked at battersea dogs home for about a year last year, you can email me if you like. amy@poppy-n-pals.com
    15. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Thank you for the rep.
    16. claire louise
      claire louise
      thanks for your reply. alfie has good days and bad, today he hasnt done any thing in the house. tomorrow could be differant..i take him out every morning and night he plays up bad about 9pm every night the only way i can stop him is by putting him out of the room for 2mins when he comes back in he behaves(strange).he also plays up when shaun (other half) gets in from work think thats just because he is pleased to see him ..
    17. claire louise
      claire louise
      alfie is now doing everything out side untill its raining then he wont.nout that a good rain coat wont cure,can i ask are spaniels very defiant .
    18. claire louise
      claire louise
      hi sorry to bother you,im hoping you can give me some advice,alfie is growing great he is fun great on a lead and with other dogs,but he still wont go to the toilet for a pee out side ive tried everthing,he follows me everywere and crys if i go out of his sight.i take him out with my mums dogs and he gos toilet then but when at home he wont. can you help
    19. claire louise
      claire louise
      your dog is lovley.a credit to you.
    20. LoveCockersx
      Ye they r there like teddy bears lol there coats were ruined by shaving them down,id never do it again x
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    My name is Kate and I have a show strain cocker spaniel called indie. I work as a Rehomer at a rescue centre in the south east.


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